Who Does Donald Trump Think Should be President? You’ll Never Guess…

Bill O’Reilly had the always loquacious and always interesting Donald Trump on his show Tuesday night to discuss the Iranian negotiations, as well as Trump’s Presidential aspirations. Trump began by bashing the Obama team’s ability to negotiate, which seems fair, given the horrible outcomes of their recent negotiations.  But then he and O’Reilly moved on to much more pressing issues… like ‘who does Trump like for president?’

I’m sure his answer won’t surprise you. Trump likes Trump for President.



Bill O’Reilly: Now, who do you like so far in the Republican sweepstakes? You’re not in there yet?

Donald Trump: I think Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump is the best by far. 

Bill O’Reilly: You are not in there. 

Donald Trump: No. I haven’t announced. I haven’t done that yet, no. I feel very strongly about a guy named Donald Trump.

Bill O’Reilly: So if you get in there, are you going to attack the other Republicans? Are you you going to call them…? 

Donald Trump: I don’t know. I’m going to say that look I built a great empire in a very short period of time. I have done a lot of great things. I guarantee you one thing when you look at what’s happening in this country that wouldn’t be happening anymore. China would not be ripping us off. You look at what’s going on where a friend of mine, a big contractor just ordered Komatsu tractors because Japan is back in the game. They just devalued the hell out of their currency. So instead of buying Caterpillar he is buying Komatsu tractors. That stuff wouldn’t be happening if I were there. I will guarantee you that.


Ah. The Donald… like I said, always interesting.