Weather Channel Expert Attacks Bill Nye on Climate Change!

The Weather Channel’s Joe Bastardi is not taking Bill Nye’s attacks on climate change skeptics lying down. Bastardi is a respected and well known meteorologist with much more knowledge on climate change issues than the fake scientist Nye.

Recently, Bill Nye has been on tear with his attacks on those he labels “climate change deniers”



(This one is from HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher – so there is some foul language and some gross speech. Be forewarned.)



The Weather Channel’s Joe Bastardi had some harsh words for Bill Nye in response to these recent attacks and I think it’s important we all pay attention. See Bastardi is an actual scientist and Bill Nye just plays one on TV.

Can we please forget about that old TV show we all used to love and just realize that Bill Nye is no more an authority on climate change than you or I are.