We May be Witnessing the Death of a Denomination

There has been a steady stream of parishioners leaving the PCUSA for over a decade now. It is no surprise considering its steady march to Liberaland and the consequences that always follows. The issue began with the clergy. Who was allowed to be an elder? Is the entire Bible inspired? And the denomination has been shrinking and becoming more liberal ever since. As I reported earlier, there has been a vote to decide if the PCUSA should redefine marriage. Now that it seems that the presbyteries will pass the change, we have to ask. What will become of this denomination?

Reuters reports

The 171 regional “presbyteries” or local leadership bodies of the church have been voting on whether to change the wording to call marriage a contract “between a woman and a man” to being “between two people, traditionally a man and a woman.”

The change requires a simple majority of 86 votes, and only one more vote is needed, according to the Presbyterian Lay Committee, a conservative group which opposes the change. The vote could come by Tuesday night.

The change will not require every church to allow their pastor to perform sodomite unions. Yet it will set the precedence. It would also mean that these churches would have to join in fellowship with those churches who would and have performed such unions. There is another problem I think that should be noticed.

Though I hate when people who are not Baptist try to explain what I believe, I am going to take a swing at this. I hope not to botch it up too much. It is my understanding that at the heart of Presbyterianism is the fact that they do not see themselves as several churches who meet to vote on this or that. No, the Presbyterians believe that they are one Church in several locations.

This then would be like saying that the people who believed it was okay to perform sodomite unions will be sitting on the left side of the sanctuary, in the first six rows. The rest who do not believe that can sit in the remainder of the seats. This would then have the PCUSA acting in principle like a Baptist association rather than a Presbyterian church.

We also must see the results that these moves have had on the denomination.

The church, also known as PCUSA, has lost more than 500,000 members over the past decade. Some church leaders have expressed concern that endorsement of same-sex marriage could cause an exodus of parishioners who see it as incompatible with biblical teachings.

It seems those in leadership and the teachers of the PCUSA are oblivious to both biblical truth and the effect sin has on God’s people. They seem to think that it is a choice of where you worship. As if it was a choice of which fast food restaurant to eat at today. For them, it may be just that simple because they are dead in their sins. It is for them just something that they do, no matter what the Scriptures say.

Reuters further reports

David Gushee, a professor of Christian ethics at Mercer University in Atlanta, said that as with other denominations like the United Church of Christ that have changed policy on gay and lesbian issues, some congregants will be lost, but others will be gained.

“All across Christianity, we see the dominoes falling of abandoning the historic stigma and rejection of gay people and gay relationships,” Gushee said.

If Gushee is right and the dominos are falling, it is not that Christianity will soon abandon its stigma and rejection of sodomites and their unions. It will be that Christianity, in this country at least, will die. What he describes is not Christianity but cold dead humanism.  Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing.