Virginia Lawmaker Takes Stand against Virginia anti-Gun Executive Orders

It is sad to see how bad American politics has sunk. We as a people have become so divided over almost every issue. Race, religion, guns, and money all work to cause infighting and name calling. It has been that this was mostly for the federal level politics, but even local government is now getting involved. And one Virginia Senator is taking a radical approach to see his governor live consistently.

Fox reports

A Virginia state senator has thrown down the gauntlet with Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a brewing battle over gun rights — pushing to defund the governor’s armed bodyguards unless he revokes an order that banned firearms in most state buildings.

“It’s easy for someone who is surrounded by armed state policemen to tell someone else they can’t carry a weapon to protect themselves,” Republican state Sen. Charles W. Carrico Sr. told

Now, this might seem a little extreme, but it only makes sense. It is much like the argument that people should not push their morality on others. These people fail to see that they are doing the same thing. If McAuliffe does not like guns, then he should not have a problem with not being guarded by gun-toting men.

But this is not the only stand that Carrico has made.

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Republican lawmakers, including Carrico, also are working on legislation that would counteract a separate decision from the state’s attorney general.

Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced last week that the state would no longer recognize concealed carry permits from 25 states. He claimed those states had looser rules, and called the decision a “common-sense step” to make Virginia safer, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

The Left wants to use its political power to take away the rights of the people. They want to use our very system of liberty to strip us of our rights and freedoms. But, Carrico and others like him are not soon going to stand around and watch that happen.

Fox reports

The GOP legislation being drafted would require Virginia to recognize concealed carry permits from all states.

“I’m not a seasoned politician, I’m just an individual who cares about my constituents,” Carrico said. “I spent 15 years as a state trooper protecting their rights, and I am very concerned about the liberal left going after these constitutional rights and it concerns me that we have people who are in the position Governor McAuliffe is in, and using his executive powers to take those away.”

Finally, someone who sounds like they actually get the problem. He has seen the effects that guns have. He has faced criminals and yet he does not feel like he should take away the rights of others in an effort to be safe.

Fox reports

“Reactionary temper tantrums may play well on right-wing blogs, but they don’t make anyone safer,” McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy told “Governor McAuliffe has worked with local, state and federal law enforcement officials to keep guns out of dangerous hands by better enforcing Virginia gun’s safety laws, a common refrain of gun advocates.”

Coy went on to say that Carrico’s attitude is an example of the lack of willingness from Republicans to work with the governor on issues related to gun safety.

“As a gun owner himself, the governor is ready to work with the General Assembly on common sense steps like universal background checks. Unfortunately, Mr. Carrico’s quote is a good representation of the interest he and his colleagues have shown in productive work on this serious issue so far,” Coy said.

“Work with” here is probably the same thing that Obama means. In other words, the Republicans will not do what he wants. We should hope that Virginia wins this fight.