Video Allegedly Shows Cops Gun Down Rock-Throwing Man

A video has emerged that allegedly shows police fatally shooting a man as he runs away.

Investigators are looking into a video that appears to show Pasco, Washington police chasing down and killing a man on Tuesday, The Seattle Times reports.  Witnesses say the man struggled with police and was told to lay down multiple times before fleeing.

The video shows a man who appears to be throwing rocks at several police officers. The man takes off running away from police with his hands up and police chase him, sirens screaming in the background. The man then turns and begins running down the street.

When he stops, police appear to shoot the man several times.

“He had a rock, not a gun.” Benjamin Patrick, a witness to the incident, told The Seattle Times. “It seems it could have been handled differently.”

“I mean they were good sized rocks,” Chris Pirtle, a witness to the incident, told NBC Right Now. “He kept on screaming, shoot me, shoot me. And they just told him to drop the rocks and he just did not want to listen.”

Police say they tased the man to no effect. The officers are on paid leave during the investigation.