UAW Vote in Alabama Plant Points to Voter Corruption in Union Bid to Stay

It’s funny how things change as you get older. When I was growing up, there was much made of corrupt manufacturing ownership. There was given the impression in many things coming out of Hollywood that the only protections working class people had was to be found in the union. Coming from a right to work state, this was hard to put into context once I entered the workforce. Most of my employers were fair and paid well.

Now as I have gotten older and observed things, this Hollywood fantasy has been summarily destroyed. Most people I know who have join unions have faced the uncertainty of strikes. Fear that they will not see the plant reopened and the possibility of losing their positions. Then there is the high dues extracted. For most people in our area, the union is a hated thing.

Now an Alabama plant is trying for the fourth time to de-unionize. And this time they have proof of misconduct during voting by UAW Local 1990.

The Free Beacon reports.

Employees at the NTN-Bower Corporation, a ball bearings manufacturer, have unsuccessfully tried to boot the labor giant out of their factory for two years.

Workers voted to decertify the UAW in an earlier election, but an Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) panel threw out the election.

So what has UAW done? Ballot box stuffing. The Beacon further reported:

Another election was held in January of this year. The UAW prevailed, but it was later revealed that 148 ballots were cast—eight more than the entire workforce. Employees convinced the NLRB to throw out those results with the help of the National Right to Work Foundation.

We should not be surprised at such action. There is no shortage of corruption in our country, and it is not limited to our political system. If you threaten to take revenue from any party, there is bound to be push back. This should finally put to bed the idea that unions care only for the workers that they represent. If you want to see who had the most to gain from this corruption, just follow the money.

The Free Beacon said this about the money:

UAW Local 1990, which represents the workers, collected about $38,000 in dues from its members in 2013. It spent $17,000 on staff, officers, and administrative costs. The majority of the money was turned over to the national UAW for per capita taxes.

$21,000 lost in fees, not to mention the money the staff made. Thousands of dollars lost is a great motive to fudge the results. And though this seems like beans compared to the Millions brought in by the Union every year, there is more to be considered.

With the Unions losing funds from labor states because unionizing destroys free trade, they have to begin to make inroads into right to work states. Since these states is where the factories and employee are now going, the unions must follow. If they lose in these states as they have historically, they will eventually die.

According to the Free Beacon, this is exactly what is happening.

The union has attempted to organize at a Mercedes Benz factory in Alabama over the past two years and workers at a Chattanooga, Tennessee Volkswagen factory rejected the UAW in Feb. 2014, despite the fact that company board members demanded a union presence at the factory. The UAW is now trying to form a “voluntary” union at the plant.

Unless there is a shift in the worker’s thinking, we might be witnessing the demise of unions. It is fitting because the cancer should die with its victim. For years, unions that neither manufacture the car nor improve its value has drained the life out of the car industry. Now, God willing, these unions will die the death as their hosts die or move south.