U.S. Flexing Military Muscles for Russia

As we seem to be edging ever closer to some kind of conflict in Eastern Europe, both sides continue to poster and make “shows of strength.” Both Russia and NATO bluster and maneuver. These military displays are meant to be seen as and relay a message. The message that they both are capable and mean business. This continued today.

AP reports  

A U.S. army infantry convoy is driving through eastern Europe seeking to provide reassurance to a region concerned that the conflict between Russian-backed rebels and government forces in Ukraine threatens its security.

This move is a clear sign that NATO is both ready and able to provide protection should Russia have an eye on any of the Baltic States. Many suspect that the Russian leadership is seeking to rebuild the Soviet Empire. This means that countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania would be potential targets for Russian expansion.

AP further reported

Flying U.S. flags, dozens of Stryker and other armored vehicles from the 3rd Squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are driving down the roads on their way back to base in Vilseck, Germany. They took part in the Atlantic Resolve exercise that shows NATO’s readiness to defend its members. They will stop in some Polish towns to meet local residents.

These displays serve as much to quiet local concerns as curb Russian appetites. This open display of force and readiness should send the message. This could be seen as an answer to the Russian maneuvers last week. It also coincides with U.S. Air Force coordinated training in Estonia.

Business Insider reports

On March 20, 14 F-16 Fighting Falcon jets with the 510th Fighter Squadron of the 31st Fighter Wing deployed to Ämari Air Base, in Estonia. These jets will take part in bilateral training with the local Air Force and perform simultaneous, unrelated training with the Finnish and Swedish air forces in their airspace.

This is a move that should cause us to question. What does NATO expect will happen? With so much movement, it seems that there is a move expected. Could there be reports of potential attacks planned by Russia? This seems very unlikely. It would be foolish of the Russians to pick a fight, especially in light of their current economic condition. But, we have to remember that Austria/Hungary had every reason to work for peace and did not.

The issue we are faced with could be our undoing. As we drowned in debt, we spend more money sending this group or these jets to protect other countries. Countries who we have entangled ourselves with through treaties. These treaties have allowed these countries to enjoy a share of our security. Who will pay the highest price for this security?

It is inconceivable that the Poles, Estonians, or any other former Soviet country will be prepared to stand against a Russian Military invasion. It will be mainly American soldiers and equipment who will be called on to defend these people. Is this the reason for the high economic price we pay in an oversized budget?

This again shows how we have left our original intent. We were never to be embroiled in any other counties troubles. We now may have to show we are not to be trusted to stand by our allies or worse be drawn into a bloody conflict. In either case, we may find that extricating ourselves from the situation would have been better though it now may too late for such moves.