U.S. and NATO Troops to Provide Training to Ukraine, Are we Poking the Bear?

As things once again begin to escalate in Eastern Europe, the thing that should be our main concern has happened. We are edging closer and closer to a war with Russia. It is not going to be an open war, but a proxy war. In other words, we will be supplying Russia’s enemies, and they will be supplying ours. This actually has start with the missile deal between Russia and Iran.

Reuters reported several days ago

Russia paved the way on Monday for missile system deliveries to Iran and started an oil-for-goods swap, signaling that Moscow may have a head-start in the race to benefit from an eventual lifting of sanctions on Tehran.

And they elaborated on the deal saying

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin signed a decree ending a self-imposed ban on delivering the S-300 anti-missile rocket system to Iran, removing a major irritant between the two countries after Moscow canceled a corresponding contract in 2010 under pressure from the West.

This was seen by some to be in answer to NATO and American interference in the Balkans and Ukraine. With the public “Dragoon Tour” of U.S. armored vehicles across the Balkans and Poland and talk of defensive arms to Ukraine, Russia has begun to show its willingness and ability to play the same games. So, now it is NATO’s turn, and the answer might alarm us. They are sending troops to Ukraine.

AFP reports

Hundreds of US paratroopers have arrived in Ukraine to train its forces fighting pro-Russian rebels, the US army said Friday, a move Moscow warned could “destabilise” the war-torn ex-Soviet country.

These troops are for training purposes, but they are bringing their own arms and equipment. This means that though these troopers are being sent to train Ukraine’s National Guard, they could be seen as combat units. And they are not alone.

APF further reports

Britain has also deployed several dozen trainers to Ukraine to train government forces there, while Canada announced Tuesday that it will also send 200 trainers in the summer.

This could be seen as an attempt by NATO to be prepared for an all-out invasion by Russia. It also could be simply training personnel. In either case, this does not have a calming effect on Russia. Especially since Russia has been a little reluctant to allow military buildups near its borders since Germany last did it in 1941.

The Russian response is predictable

“The participation of instructors and experts from third countries on Ukrainian territory… of course, does not help to resolve the conflict,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Pekov said.

The question, as always with this administration is what if anything is the goal here? Are we ready to go all in for Ukraine? If we are not, the Germany is right. They said

Some of his European allies including Germany have warned that sending arms would escalate the bloodshed.

I hope we are not simply poking the bear to see if she gets angry because she will. It is better to let sleeping bears lie.