Trump Calls Bush “a Loser”!



Give Donald Trump credit for at least being consistent in his criticism. When a reporter recently questioned why it was that the GOP frontrunner was still speaking so negatively about Jeb Bush, even though he had all but disappeared in the polling, Trump gave a scathing response.

“I only hit him for one reason, he deserves to be hit. He makes commercials about me. He’s spending millions of dollars, he’s always doing commercials about me.”

But Trump didn’t stop there. Next he said that Bush was a “loser” who was obviously “ashamed” of his own last name, which is why all of his advertisements only identify him as “Jeb!”

“First of all, use his last name instead of saying Jeb. He is ashamed of his last name. If he weren’t taking commercials, but he is spending millions and millions on commercials about me. He should focus on the other seven people who are ahead of him before he gets to me. Jeb’s a loser.”

I’m no Jeb Bush fan, but I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy. Early on, Trump was able to ferret out Bush’s greatest weakness, his own personality, and turn it against him by attacking him for being “low energy”. However, now that Jeb has all but been defeated Trump continues to turn the screws and one wonders exactly why that is? While Trump argues that he is only responding to Bush’s attacks against him, this answer seems insufficient, considering other candidates (who are closer in the polls) are also still attacking him.

I think Trump just really dislikes the Bush family.