The Top 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Rand Paul

The humorous fellows at the Libertarian Republic have put together an interesting and “tongue in cheek” piece listing out their ten best reasons NOT to vote for Senator Rand Paul for President. Of course, the entire list is actually meant to encourage people to vote for Paul… but the title is far more provocative when written as a negative, isn’t it?

I’ll admit that Senator Paul is in my top 3 choices for President and the other two men on that short list are not named Jeb Bush or Chris Christie!


From the Libertarian Republic


Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Rand Paul


Rand Paul is believed by most to be most “pro-liberty” presidential candidate, running under the banner of either major political party in the 2016 election. However, his supposed “defense of individual rights and personal responsibility” should not sit well with everyone. After all, since when has the United States ever been known to bend to the wills of these made-up and completely foreign ideals of “liberty” and “freedom”? Here are the top 10 reasons not to vote for Rand Paul.

  1. You love endless wars.

Who cares about the dire financial and social consequences of being perpetually at odds with ever-changing enemies? We have to prove to the world that we’re not going to be pushed around. Not only that, we are not going to let anyone else take away our freedoms; that’s the job of our own leaders! That’s why it has to be made clear that Paul is “dangerous” on foreign policy due to his belief that soldiers should only be sent to war as a last result. It’s really besides the point whether such attacks are actually true.

  1. You’re in Favor of Corporatism


The possibility of a Paul presidency would bring about a push for freer markets, devoid of corporate welfare, where our benevolent overlords would have to actually compete to acquire business from consumers. No longer would CEOs be able to sit in their ivory towers, discouraging innovation through favorable regulations which weed out those pesky up-start competitors who are a danger to society. What would the Founders think? It’s probably for this reason that our ever-trustworthy friends on Wall Street are so against Paul. They know what’s best for all of us.

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