The Iranian Nuke Deal is Done – So Why are Only Obama and Iran Happy?

So that’s it then. Secretary of State John Kerry has come home from Europe with a completed deal with the nation of Iran.

Everyone within the Obama administration is hailing the deal as a “historic one”, and the Iranian people are literally dancing in the streets. So why is it that only the Iranians and the Obama administration seem happy about how this thing ended?

The French, for example, let the world know that the US bent over backwards and allowed the Iranians to steamroll them in an effort to seal this deal.

However, not all of the Western powers appeared completely pleased with the agreement. On Friday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told Europe 1 radio that France had rejected an original of the deal outline as “not solid enough”, and had held out for firmer conditions. However, Fabius told the radio station that the Iranian delegation had responded by threatening to walk out of the talks. 

The French delegation was considered by observers to be one of the hardest bargainers of the P5+1 countries, a group which also included the U.S., Britain, Germany, Russia and China. Fabius told Europe 1 that France wants a firm deal “to prevent other countries in the Gulf such as Saudi Arabia from embarking on nuclear proliferation.”

As for the framework itself, Fabius called it a “very important” step, but noted that “the end of the road is the end of June.”


This sentiment follows right along with something the French ambassador to the USA said a few weeks ago.

The French ambassador to the US tweeted his displeasure at the beginning of March,  “We want a deal. They need a deal. The tactics and the result of the negotiation should reflect this asymmetry.”


The basic point everyone not in the Obama administration seems to be making is that the USA met all of Iran’s demands while allowing Iran to beg off of many of the things that the world said Iran must do in return! That’s not a negotiation; it’s a birthday party. The US media is already working furiously to try and spin this as a win, but the world media seems far more skeptical of what has just transpired.




I won’t pretend to know how all of this might break down and work out, but I do know that there seems to be an awful lot of skepticism and worry over a deal we’re making with a tin-pot dictatorship half a world away. The one thing that is certain from this deal is that other Arab nations will now also be racing to secure their own nuclear arms treaties in an effort to keep up with Iran. How that can possibly be a good thing… I just don’t know.

Nuclear anything in the Middle East seems like a sure-fire mistake.