The Gunman Simpson was Well Known to FBI, But System Fails Again

I think that it is a little ironic that we live in an age when everyone or at least most everyone is upset over a military operation while our government lets Islamists roam free. While social media has blown up over the JADE HELMS 15 exercises, “Big Brother” continues to let want to be terrorists walk on technicalities. It has happened again with the Garland Texas shooter.

The Washington Post reports

Simpson was born in Illinois and converted to Islam at a young age, court documents show. The government began investigating him in 2006, recording conversations between him and a paid informant.

So, for the last nine years this guy has been on the FBI’s radar? It is amazing that he has gotten way with the things that he has. He had sought to join our enemies in North Africa. This man made no secret about what he wanted to do to further the Islamists cause. And though he may have had no real ties to ISIS or al- Qaeda, this man aligned his thinking with theirs. And the FBI knew what Simpson was about and what he wanted. He wanted to fight and die for Allah.

The Post further reports

He was arrested by the FBI in January 2010 after a lengthy investigation. He was charged with lying to agents in connection with terrorism. Authorities suspected he was trying to fly to Somalia, but Simpson claimed at the time he had intended to travel to South Africa to go to school and study Islam there.

And Fox reported

Although the suspects’ ties to a specific terrorist organization could not be immediately confirmed, Simpson was known to U.S. intelligence and had been part of a recent terror investigation for allegedly trying to travel to Africa, home of the Al Qaeda-linked militant group al-Shabaab, sources told Fox News.

So, five years ago, this man was arrested for lying to federal agents about terrorism. As we look at this, it seems a very light thing. And I am not saying that this man would not have acted the same way. But here is where we have to question what has happened to our country. This man supports and has sought to aid our enemies. Yet, he is not behind bars. Why?

Following a bench trial, a judge dropped the terrorism enhancement, citing insufficient evidence. In 2011, the judge reduced the charge to making a false statement to federal officials and sentenced Simpson to three years of probation. Authorities also returned his passport, which they had confiscated after his arrest.

Once again, our court system defends the offender, and others have to pay for their leniency. I am fully in support of making sure that the charges are not trumped up, but the last I heard the FBI is not in the business of making up charges. Thank God for the men who did their duty and placed themselves in danger for the sake of the lives of others. Much maligned of late, we should say a prayer for the men and women in law enforcement who estimate their lives as less valuable so that other can be safe.