“The Great One” Mark Levin Tears into Both Parties!

Mark Levin is one of the few voices that we can consistently count on to support the Constitution and defend liberty. He speaks from the heart using logic and sound reasoning and is always prepared to speak up for truth. So it was no surprise when he stood tall at CPAC and gave the crowded room, full of conservatives, a speech they could really sink their teeth into.

See, we on the right aren’t just angry with liberals. We fully expect liberals to support liberal values, philosophies and practices – we think they’re stupid for doing so, but we expect it from them. The people we’re really angry with are the Republicans who pretend to support our values and philosophies, only to turn around and sell us out at the first opportunity (and every opportunity after that as well).

In his CPAC speech, Levin gives voice to those frustrations that we feel with Republicans, as well as our anger at the liberal policies that are running roughshod across our nation. This speech is vintage Mark Levin, and it’s why we love him.

Here’s what he said about the turncoat GOP:

We have voted and voted for change. To change him; to change what’s going on in Washington. But unlike our founders, who had no alternatives, we do. But I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you the hour is late, it is very late and the republic is slipping away.

I’m not running for office, I don’t have to put smiley faces on tyranny. And in the face of this growing tyranny is it too much to ask the Republican party, it’s leaders, its chairman, its operatives and its consultants to defend us, to defend the constitution and the republic?

Is it too much to ask the Republican party to embrace conservatism, Reaganism, capitalism and constitutionalism? Is it too much to ask the Republican party to reject crony capitalists and the statist media? Is it too much to ask the Republican party to offer a real alternative to big, centralized, iron-fisted government?