The Gay Marriage Slippery Slope is Real – 3 Men Marry in Thailand & Youngest Ever Gay Kiss on TV!

In a startling story from the UK’s Daily Mail we learn that the gay marriage slippery slope that traditional marriage supporters are so worried about is very real.

Three gay men from Thailand have been “married” in what seems to be the world’s first polyamorous gay marriage. The three men were married on Valentine’s Day (ironically a holiday named for a Christian martyr who would have stood defiantly Against homosexual marriage), in a much-hyped wedding in Thailand.

“I think we are first three-way same sex males to have a wedding, possibly in the world. Some people may not agree and are probably amazed by our decision, but we believe many people do understand and accept our choice. Love is love, after all,” said one of the three men.

Gay marriage is not technically legal in Thailand, but the three men are now considered married under Buddhist law if not Thai law.

Gay marriage is growing more ubiquitous around the world as the gay fascist agenda continues to shame people who believe that marriage should be reserved for the coupling of one man and one woman. In fact, one of the three men made a very telling comment about the state of Thailand and our world, Now Thai society has a better understanding of sexual orientation as many same-sex weddings appear on TV, newspapers and social media, we feel more accepted and able to come out. But I don’t believe the world has ever seen three men marry before, this is something new. Most people all around us can accept that and many people have given us their blessing.”

This has been the quiet cause of the media over the last decade or two – endeavoring to “normalize” homosexuality as a common and acceptable lifestyle. From the 70’s sitcom Soap to the popular 90’s program Will & Grace to the more recent musical dramedy Glee, our liberal Hollywood media has been working overtime to take gay marriage mainstream. In fact, just this past week saw the most egregious example of this disturbing trend ever, as the ABC Family show the Fosters (a show about a lesbian couple that fosters children in a “normal” American home) featured the youngest ever televised gay kiss between two “gay” 13-year old boys!

There is no longer anything “family” about ABC Family. Many of us are cautioning our children to avoid similar situations with members of the opposite sex, yet here is ABC Family celebrating immoral intimacy between to children of the same sex. I’m sure it won’t be long before ABC Family has a show centering on the daily struggle of a small town pederast – such is the immorality prevailing at the network.

The-Fosters-kiss-x400But we warned you, didn’t we?

We told you that the legalization (and normalization) of gay marriage was a slippery slope, and our argument is proving to be prescient. The slippery slope may normally be a logical fallacy when arguing philosophy or logic, but the slippery slope argument is not always wrong. We said that the normalization of gay marriage would lead to a push to normalize other deviant behaviors – sadomasochist sexuality, polyamory, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. Just in the last few years we’ve seen this very thing happen as polygamy has become the new gay marriage and a book advocating violent sexuality has been a bestseller turned blockbuster movie. (Hollywood has always had a soft spot for pedophilia – see Roman Polanski or the child abuse scandals that have been pervasive in Hollywood for years.)

This is the road that the immoral gay fascists have led us down. They were never interested in equality or in equal standing under the law, that was simply a pretense for their true goal… the “normalization” of the gay lifestyle and the shaming and marginalization of conservatives. Well, it worked.