The Democrats Tell Obama No on Fast Track

The news that the Democrats had not towed the line for the president comes as a surprise to some.  But I had reported several weeks ago that this defeat was imminent.  Democrats, who have long been pro-labor, see the Fast-Track legislation to be pro-business.  The President is in a weird position.  He is faced with the possibility that Warren and the far-left progressives will be able to hold out.  Such an outcome would cause Obama to miss on any trade deals before he leaves office.  This means that the president has been forced to play on the right side of the field, abandoning his leftist backing.

The problem that Obama is now faced with is more than just polemics. Obama is now seeking to align himself with the inept party in American politics.  As I have pointed out on more than one occasion, the reason that the left is and will continue to win is because they are not merely playing the American people, they believe in their cause.  The conservative is simply playing to stay in the game and have the White House.  The president might want to look at these people’s track record.  He has little chance of winning.

Fox reports

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., recently told reporters he’s a “hell no” on the proposal. And Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for days have traded jabs on the matter, with the president calling Warren’s claims “absolutely wrong.”

This is a surprise.  It is a surprise because the administration over the past several years has had almost free range.  They have set the tone, and pushed through what they wanted and very rarely even attempted to look as though they would compromise.  Now, the left has been rallied to resist the president.  They have been pulled together by an unlikely person, Elizabeth Warren.  As I reported, Warren is not even close to backing down on this issue.  She really thinks that this is bad for the country.

The Huffington Post reports

The Obama administration has been in open war with Warren over this issue, with the president calling some of her concerns “pure speculation,” “bunk” and “dishonest.” Warren told The Washington Post on Monday she has yet to see a draft “that would do what the president says he has already accomplished.”

This will probably still get through, but it might not before it is too late for Obama.  Without the TPA (Fast Track) passing into law, there will be no chance for the Pacific trade deal to be signed.  This will hurt Obama’s legacy as president.  It will also kill the little talked about European trade deal.  Both need to be negotiated without having to pass through an amendment process in Congress.

Before this power is given over to the administration, the Democrats and many Republicans want some assurances.

The Huffington Post said

In the final hours before the vote, even Democrats who support the president’s trade agenda concluded that they could cut a better deal with Republicans by preventing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) from opening debate on the TPA bill. “We’re telling everyone, ‘Don’t be a cheap date,'” said one Democratic aide who spoke anonymously to discuss strategy.

Hopefully, there will be a chance to read the trade agreement before it is approved, but so far there has been little chance of that happening.