Ted Cruz Tells it Like it Is: GOP Donors Despise Conservatives

I think that Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has decided that he is going to go all out to win this presidential campaign, and if that means burning a few GOP bridges… so be it. During his scathing speech on the Senate floor Monday night, he explained one important difference between the GOP Donor class and the Democrat Donor class.

On the Democrat side the donors don’t hate the base:

On the Democratic side, the major donors that fund the Democratic Party, they don’t despise their base. The billionaires who write the giant checks that fund President Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on that side of the aisle, they don’t despise the radical gay rights movement or the radical environmentalist movement or all of the people that knock on doors and get Democrats elected.

Meanwhile, on the GOP side, the donor class despises the conservative grassroots base:

“Republican donors actively despise our base, actively despise the men and women who showed up and voted you and me into office. I can tell you when you sit down and talk with a New York billionaire Republican donor — and I have talked with quite a few New York billionaire Republican donors, California Republican donors, their questions start out as follows. First of all, you’ve got to come out for gay marriage, you need to be pro-choice, and you need to support amnesty. That’s where the Republican donors are. You wonder why Republicans won’t fight on any of these issues? Because the people writing the checks agree with the Democrats.”

Cruz then added that these socially liberal donors look at the GOP’s conservative base “as a bunch of ignorant hicks and rubes.”


Here’s the thing, in my experience this is completely and totally accurate. The establishment GOP draws its power from wealthy Republican businesspeople, who live and work mostly in more liberal areas of the country. Sure, we conservatives are the ones who work for their election and vote for them at the ballot box, but their money comes from these socially liberal sources, and so as Donald Trump rightly claims, the GOP is beholden to them. This is why when 70%+ of GOP voters are against amnesty, the GOP establishment still seems to support amnesty – because the donor class supports amnesty and demands that the politicians they’ve paid for support it as well.

As usual, Ted Cruz is right and the GOP will be angry at him for speaking truth. Again.