Virginia Bill Would Require Students To Use Bathroom Of Their ‘Anatomical Sex’

Lawmakers in Virginia have proposed a new bill that would mandate all public school students use a bathroom and locker room in line with their “anatomical sex” rather than their chosen gender identity. The bill, proposed by Republican Delegate Mark Cole, would levy a fine of $50 against anybody who knowingly violates the new rule which is intended to counter ongoing efforts to let transgender students use whatever bathroom they like. According to The Washington Post, Cole described the law Read more […]

Virginia Lawmaker Takes Stand against Virginia anti-Gun Executive Orders

It is sad to see how bad American politics has sunk. We as a people have become so divided over almost every issue. Race, religion, guns, and money all work to cause infighting and name calling. It has been that this was mostly for the federal level politics, but even local government is now getting involved. And one Virginia Senator is taking a radical approach to see his governor live consistently. Fox reports A Virginia state senator has thrown down the gauntlet with Democratic Gov. Terry Read more […]

Virginia Attorney General Announces State Will Ignore Concealed Carry Reciprocity from half the Country!

Virginia’s Democrat Attorney General announced Tuesday that the state will no longer honor reciprocity privileges for out-of-state concealed carry permit holders from 25 other states. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring made the announcement Tuesday after a months-long audit of reciprocating states that found the states’ concealed carry qualifications didn’t meet the minimum requirements in Virginia, the Richmond Times Dispatch reports. The audit, conducted jointly by the attorney Read more […]

Virginia Schools SHUT DOWN Over Islamic Calligraphy Lesson: “There is No God but Allah”

An entire school district in Virginia with thousands of students has shut down Friday over the backlash to a lesson that involved students writing the Islamic profession of faith. Cheryl LaPorte, a geography teacher at Riverheads High School in Staunton, was covering the subject of world religions last week when she distributed a homework handout intended to educate students about Islam. Part of the assignment (which LaPorte didn’t create herself) dealt with calligraphy, a popular art in the Read more […]

Virginia Doubles Down On Allowing Police to Simply Take All Your Stuff

The death of a Virginia state senate bill means residents and visitors to the state are more vulnerable to police taking their property without due process of law. The Virginia Senate Finance Committee killed House Bill 1287 Tuesday, a bill that would generally require a conviction or plea deal before police could take your property, the Daily Press reports. Currently, Virginia endorses the common practice in which police can seize property if they believe it is connected to a crime, even Read more […]