10 Killed in Terrorist Attack in Turkey

The confusion in the Middle East makes the war in Vietnam look clean cut and strait forward. Many of the players are both allies with a group and enemies of that group’s allies all at the same time. Russia’s involvement has not made things clearer, but murkier. And no one really knows what the Turks are doing. They are a partner of the U.S. lead coalition against ISIS, but their actions can be seen as counter intuitive. They have attacked Kurdish fighters inside of Syria. The Kurds are one of Read more […]

Turkish President Denies he was Using Hitler’s Germany as a good Example

It is a frustrating thing when others hear what we say but apparently misconstrued your meaning. Especially frustrating are the comments made in a public setting. There are times when we say things that can be taken as the opposite meaning. The reason for this is that when we go off script, it can sound right in our heads, but come out completely wrong. The Turkish presidency is claiming this to be the case. Breitbart reports Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, who is pushing for executive powers, Read more […]

Putin Calls for United Front against ISIS While Accusing Turkey of Supporting Terror

It is difficult to tell what is true and what is simply propaganda. But, it is very unlikely that it will end anytime soon. Russian Leaders have been openly accusing Turkey of collusion with ISIS. They are especially persistent on the fact of the Turks are buying oil from the terrorist group. This continued even as Putin called for international solidarity in the face of Islamic terror. Fox reports Russian President Vladimir Putin called Thursday for “one powerful fist” to fight terrorism, hinted Read more […]

There were Turkish Air Force Warnings Just Before Blowing Russian SU-24 Out Of The Sky

Turkey shot a Russian SU-24 aircraft down after the jet violated its airspace Tuesday. Here’s what a Turkish bomber told the SU-24just before it fired. “This is Turkish air force speaking,” the Turkish pilot says. “You are approaching Turkish airspace. Change your heading south immediately,” The Mirror reports. The SU-24 ignores the warning and seconds later is shot down. Footage shows two of the pilots parachute out of the aircraft, but are subsequently gunned down by rebel Read more […]

Turkey Makes Demands While Russia Strengthens Air Defense in Wake of Downed Jet

Many times when international incidents occur, there are unseen motives involved. So, as one side takes actions against another in one area, they really want something done in another. This happens because the first country does not want all the world to know how much they are invested. And this seems the case with the downing by Turkey of a Russian jet. Fox reports Davutoglu also said Russia is an “important partner and tops the list of countries with which we have shown great sensitivity in Read more […]

Yes Turkey Shooting Down a Russian Jet is Obama’s Fault and Here is Why

Anyone who has had to teach or watch a group of children knows what happens when you leave them alone in a room. Those who have a beef with each other will find a pretense to start trouble with one another. The children are kept under control because of the fear they have for the authority in control. When that is removed, they become their own authority. Likewise, when you have countries involved with one another, there needs to be a level of fear in the group. There needs to be a lead country, Read more […]

U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey Meet to Solve the Syrian Puzzle

Four years and we are still not sure who is fighting and what they would have Syria be if they were to win.  But, the U.S. and Russia have clearly sided with their group and are once again opposed to one another.  The Russians claim that the only way to peace is through supporting the Assad government.  The U.S. claims that Assad must step down if there is to be peace.  And it is not hard to guess who the remaining regional powers are siding with; as they side with the group that matches their Read more […]

Relations Between Russia and Turkey getting Tense

For almost four hundred years, there has been conflicting between Turkey and Russia.  In the 18th Century, there was conflict over Crimea and the states of Georgia and Dagestan (Chechnya).  The conflict and political hedging between the two nations continued up until the end of the First World War.  The only thing that cooled the heated relations is that the Turkeys were ruled by Socialist leaning Kemal Ataturk. Over the last hundred years, the relationship has been further hampered by Turkey’s Read more […]

The Shifting Game Plan in Syria

There is nothing wrong with recognizing when something is not or will not work.  It happens.  Plans fail to come to our desired ends.  It is a part of peace, and it is most assuredly a part of war.  So, the idea that America wasted time, resources and lives on a plan is not the issue.  The main issue is that there was never much hope that it would succeed from the beginning.  The question is whether or not there has been a significant enough shift in our game plan. Fox reports  The U.S. Read more […]

Obama Plays Political Games While the Kurds Face Destruction

It would seem only logical that those who have done the most with the lease would eventually receive more support.  When we are sending millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and ammunition to Iraq and the Iraqi army will not stand.  You would imagine we would demand that some of that equipment would go to the army in Iraq that has inflicted the most damage on ISIS.  But, this is not the case.  It seems that everyone in the Middle East is pulling against the only force taking the fight to Read more […]