New Private School in Atlanta for Homosexual Children to Open Next Year

I have always seen things a little different that many of my fellow Baptists. While many of the SBC has been screaming for prayer in State Schools, I have been screaming for the closing of State Schools. I have nothing against those who teach and/or use the State School. Many see it as the only real option. But, I do not think that it is the States job to educate our children. Rather, I would have us all use private and homeschooling. This would do several things. It would drive the cost of education Read more […]

Washington State Forces Transgender Compliance for all Statewide

It was a stated concern for those who saw the rise of transgender rights. The idea that the transgender would demand the use of the facility of the sex they identified with rather than the one with which they were born. And now, it is not just the transgender but the state. Christian News reports The Washington Human Rights Commission has issued statewide rules requiring that public facilities allow males who identify as female and vice versa be allowed to use the restroom that is consistent Read more […]

Religious Freedom no Longer Means what It Used to

When I went to school, I was taught that in America, one had the right to believe what they wanted. We are free to exercise that freedom within reason. We, of course, could not harm others physically, but outside of that kind of thing, religion was not to be interfered with by the government. That is now changing, and you will not be surprised why. Christian News reports A prominent homosexual advocacy group is calling upon the U.S. Department of Education to release the names of religious schools Read more […]

Transgender Students not Accommodated at Christian Colleges

In many of our public institutions of education, we have seen a fearful trend. Boys claiming to be girls and vice versa have been allowed to share restrooms and locker rooms with the opposite sex. Though the possible ramifications could be disastrous to both the transgender and their classmates, our court system has forced these institutions to accommodate these false claims. But not all colleges have faced this tyranny. Fox reports Nearly three dozen religious colleges and universities in 20 Read more […]

Manager Fired for Refusing to Call a Girl a Boy

It must have been one of those moments when a person could relate to Alice as she wandered through Wonderland. Lewis Carrol could not have written it better, even if he had tried. But, this is the strange world we are living in, where girls claim they are boys and vice versa. What is even stranger is that now parents are deciding for their children that they were born the wrong sex. But, it gets worse. People are losing their jobs because they will not acknowledge the switch in gender at the parents’ Read more […]

Illinois School Standing up to Feds over Transgender Locker Room Rights

It has happened in many places across the country. Boys, pretending to be girls, seeking to be allowed to enter the girl’s locker room and bathroom. On the basis of the privacy of female students, the request has been denied. Then in come the ACLU and the federal courts. They hold the right of the one or two to be more important than the majority. The Washington Post reports On Monday, the Obama administration again weighed in on the issue with the release of a report slamming a suburban Chicago Read more […]

Massachusetts Church Honors LGBT with a Festival

In our culture, it is getting harder and harder to be surprised.  People, even those claiming to be Christian have embraced sodomy and all that goes with it.  So, when a church holds a festival in support of the sodomites it has accepted into its membership, one hardly pauses anymore.  Especially when the denomination the congregation belongs to is one that has long left orthodoxy. But we should take note when the festival becomes blasphemous, and then we should point out these acts.  So, Read more […]

Border Patrol are now Asked to Consider Gender Identity

Not long ago, the idea that one could feel like or identify themselves as something that they were not, was considered strange.  In fact, not too many years ago, it would have been grounds for institutionalization.  When a child sang, “I’m a little teapot,” no one thought they believed that they were.  But today we must ask if that is not the case. People who are born one gender is claiming that they are actually the opposite gender.  They know this because they “identify” as such.  Read more […]

Students in Missouri High School Walk out of Class in Protest of “Transgender” Teen’s Use of Restroom

For many it has been assumed that there were few redeemable qualities in the upcoming generation.  Many above forty seem to feel as though that this is a lost generation.  I, like them, have seen many reasons to feel consternation when dealing with those under the age of twenty-five.  But, there still seems we have reason to hope that it is not too late. Christian News reports  Students at a public high school in Missouri walked out of class Monday in protest of a male student who is being Read more […]

California is going to pay for an Inmates Sex Change

There have been many consequences of the Supreme Court decision on sodomite unions.  None more unexpected than the push by the transgender community for acceptance.  It is as if the transgenders see the opening and are driving while the Church is in her heels.  But, there seems to be a chance that the state of California has gone too far. Breitbart reports On Friday, the state’s corrections department announced the state would fund the surgery for Rodney James Quine, 56, who goes by Shiloh Read more […]

Target to do Away with Gender Labels in Toys, Bedding, and More

As the women’s liberation and the transgender revolution sweep American, there were certain things that we should have expected.  Young girls are seeking to use the men’s room and things of that nature.  And we have seen just that.  But now, we are seeking a trend that should trouble us, and that is a move to erase all gender lines. The Chicago Tribune reports Two months ago, an Ohio mom’s tweet went viral when she called out Target for separating “building sets” and “girls’ building sets.” Read more […]

16 Year Old Sues School Board over Bathroom Privileges

If you were a parent and discovered that there was a young man going into the girl’s bathroom with your daughter?  Your daughter explains that it was okay, the boy says he is really a girl.  As a principle, what do you say to the boy?  Well, most would have been very angry if they found themselves in this situation.  But what if the genders were switched?  What if instead of a boy wanting to use the girl’s room, it is a girl wanting to use the boy’s?  I hope that you would be just as upset.  Read more […]

Church of England to Re-Baptize Transgenders in Wholesale Acceptance of Sodomy

While several denominations have been liberal for years concerning the Scriptures, it is hard to believe the level of discontinuity that these groups have shown with their biblical roots.  Much of this discontinuity has been the natural outgrowth of their disavowal of inerrancy.  But the Anglican Church may be set to win the Apostasy of the year award. Christian News reports The Church of England is considering adding a ceremony to its services for “transgender” persons who seek to be re-baptized Read more […]

Children in Charlotte Protected in Restrooms

It has seemed to be heading in the wrong direction. Over the last year, things that should have been easily overturned or dismissed have been passing. It had gotten to the point that you feel as though anything could happen. So when I reported that Charlotte City Council was set to vote on transgender bathroom rights, I felt sure that it would pass into law. Though there were a few hold outs Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are considering additional wording for its existing non-discrimination Read more […]