10 Killed in Terrorist Attack in Turkey

The confusion in the Middle East makes the war in Vietnam look clean cut and strait forward. Many of the players are both allies with a group and enemies of that group’s allies all at the same time. Russia’s involvement has not made things clearer, but murkier. And no one really knows what the Turks are doing. They are a partner of the U.S. lead coalition against ISIS, but their actions can be seen as counter intuitive. They have attacked Kurdish fighters inside of Syria. The Kurds are one of Read more […]

German Women Face the Brunt of Islamophile Policies of their Government

Many in Europe have known for a while the tactics of Islamists. They have seen the lawless parades denouncing Western law and society. And worse of all they have faced the violence. The gangs of young men, roaming their streets and raping hapless women are nothing new in Europe. As I reported, the latest country to face such violence is Germany. On New Year’s Eve, Gangs of Islamic rapists flooded most major German cities. Many women were surrounded and groped, and many were actually raped. This Read more […]

State Department Boasts Of ‘Bringing Peace’ To Syria In 2015

The Department of State boasted of “bringing peace” to Syria in 2015 in a blog post inspired by a hashtag Thursday, although the country is still being torn apart by Islamic State and a devastating civil war. Inspired by the hashtag “2015in5Words” and an email from Secretary of State John Kerry charting out the year ahead, State Department spokesman John Kirby compiled a list of “pivotal foreign policy events” for the department in 2015 that includes: “Bringing peace, security to Read more […]

Top Democrat Leader Talks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth on ISIS

It is not surprising when Liberals take both sides of an argument. They see no problem with their inconsistency, especially in the area of politics. Many want to push their policies while not hurting others in their party. What this produces is illogical babbling where they tell us yes and no at the same time. This has shown to be the case in a recent interview with a top Democratic leader. Fox reports A top Democrat on Sunday criticized the pace of the Obama administration’s war against the Read more […]

10 Times the Number that Obama wants to Bring in are here from Syria

Many, myself included, have made much about the 10,000 refugees the administration has announced would be coming from U.N. refugee camps in Europe, people who have allegedly escaped their country and are seeking a better life. The problem is that these people could be anyone. We have no way of verifying their papers or their past. But what is worse is that it might be too late. Fox reports Some 102,313 Syrians were granted admission to the U.S. as legal permanent residents or through programs Read more […]

The Omnibus Bill Shows that the Democrats still outnumber the Republicans in the House

I admit that part of me had been optimistic about the rise of Republicans in both the House and the Senate. I know that it was foolish of me to think that the Republicans would really get anything accomplished. But, part of me was hoping that they would get some of the things the Democrats had done repealed, and they would get some of the needed things accomplished. Things like balancing the budget, defunding murder clinics and stripping the massive unsustainable healthcare that was forced down our Read more […]

John Kerry Gives In To Russia, Says Assad Can Stay In Power

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave in to Russia’s demand to allow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to remain in power Tuesday. Negotiations in Moscow between the U.S. and Russia have finally yielded some results. Kerry caved and told the Associated Press following the meeting that the United States and its allies are “not seeking so-called regime change.” This is a major shift from White House priorities, though Kerry did note that the U.S. still believes Assad is incapable of Read more […]

DHS Refused to Check the Social Media of Visa Applicants, and Such a Search Could have Prevented the San Bernardino Massacre

We have become a country that is bound to our devices. We have to check in wherever we go. We have to update our status or tweet a picture of where we are. It is what psychiatrist would call megalomania. This incessant need to be at the center of everyone’s attention. Always wanting everyone (even people we would not talk to in public) to know what we are doing. And we do not seem to care the consequences. Most colleges and businesses have begun to ask applicants for the password to all their Read more […]

What should we Think of Syrian Vetting when the Strictest Visa Path was Used by San Bernardino Shooter

As we have on several occasions looked at the Syrian Refugee crisis, most of us should understand the concern.  For most Americans, it has little to do with the nationality, religion, or color of the refugees.  Most of us are concerned that these people could be embedded agents of ISIS.  Then, all that they would need to do is live here among us until a soft target presented itself.  But, what do we think when we are faced with the way that Malik the San Bernardino shooter entered our country? Latino Read more […]

Obama Compares Slaves to Syrian Refugees

I have said on many occasions that politicians use the collateral of past pain to wedge out an opponent. Obama is a master at taking emotional equity and guilt to push people in the philosophical direction he wishes them to go. This shameless practice is employed by those who have no merit in their own argument. In other words, their idea will not hold water. There is no real “reason” on what they want to do if laid out by itself. No one would go for the proposed change in question unless there Read more […]

Texas Removed its Request for Restraining Order on Syrian Resettlement

It is somewhat comparable to a city or town knocking on the door and demanding that you house strangers. But, worse, you are told that you are not allowed to find out anything about them before they get there. You have no clues to their history. You know nothing about what they believe or like. You are asked to trust your officials to have placed you and your family in a safe position. And it seems all that Texas can do is take it and deal with the fallout. Fox 4 reports Texas stopped trying Read more […]

Putin Calls for United Front against ISIS While Accusing Turkey of Supporting Terror

It is difficult to tell what is true and what is simply propaganda. But, it is very unlikely that it will end anytime soon. Russian Leaders have been openly accusing Turkey of collusion with ISIS. They are especially persistent on the fact of the Turks are buying oil from the terrorist group. This continued even as Putin called for international solidarity in the face of Islamic terror. Fox reports Russian President Vladimir Putin called Thursday for “one powerful fist” to fight terrorism, hinted Read more […]

Joint Chief Chairman Contradicts Obama about ISIS Containment

There is nothing worse than to make a statement, and then have that statement contradicted. Especially if that person who contradicts you is someone with better credentials on the subject than you. The better thing would be if you would refrain from saying anything at all. But this silence is hard to get away with if you are asked in an interview. This is the uncomfortable situation that Obama has found himself in today. The Hill reports The United States has “not contained” the Islamic State Read more […]

Obama Uses Thanksgiving to Win American Hearts and Minds on Syrian Refugees

For many years, we have associated Thanksgiving with the first meal shared between the Mayflower pilgrims and the Native Americans in the 17th century. But in reality, this is a fairly new construct.  Around 1900 with the discovery of Miles Standish’s manuscript and Longfellow’s poem Americans began having interest in the connection. As I reported yesterday, Thanksgiving was instituted not as a remembrance but as a time for the nation to reflect, be thankful, and pray. And instead of focusing his Read more […]