Migrants have Opposite Effects than What Left Predicted

Europe has been hopelessly liberal for years. And with the influx of different people from different cultures, the Leftists thought that they would see the Utopian Multicultural dream they had longed for so long. Many expected an era where people from across Europe and the world would work, live, and prosper. Where the East and West would finally shake hands as both sides set their culture, history, religion, and interests down and live in peace with one another. As you know, this has not happened. Read more […]

Sweden the Next Country to Reintroduce Border Checks

Many countries have faced the hardship of dealing with the migrant crisis in Europe. Hungary’s answer was to close their border. Other nations have done the same. But, one nation has stuck to their political guns. Believing that there is room for everybody, Sweden has competed with Germany as the most welcoming nations in the EU. But as I reported, Sweden is having difficulty finding a place for them. So what are they to do? Breitbart reports Sweden is to reintroduce border controls at its southern Read more […]

Migrants Refuse Swedish Accommodations

Have you ever had the pleasure of hosting an ungrateful house guest?  Nothing in your home is good enough for them.  They wish the food was better.  The water is not hot enough for them.  You keep it too hot in the house.  You keep it too cold in the house.  The sheets in their bed itch them.  It is too noisy in your area.  It is too quiet in your area. And though you might have even looked forward to their coming before they arrived, you just wish they would leave.  So much so that you Read more […]

Could this be the Beginning of the End for Sweden?

Many have predicted that in just a few generations (if not sooner) the European nations might completely disappear.  With birth rates under sustainable levels in almost every European country, many have predicted the vanishing of French, Dutch, English, and Scandinavian cultures.  But, the clock has been sped up by the recent Migration of Syrian and Afghan Muslims. Sweden, like many of their neighbors, has desperately sought to adhere to their leftist values.  They believe strongly in social Read more […]