South Carolina Can’t Execute Charleston Shooter Because Of Drug Shortage

Soon after the alleged Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof was arrested, people across the country, including South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, began calling for the 21-year-old’s death. There’s just one problem. The state couldn’t execute Roof right now even if they wanted to. An international boycott of the drugs the U.S. uses for executions has made them difficult to find, with South Carolina among the states that have completely run dry. South Carolina uses a three-drug cocktail that Read more […]

SC High School Folds On Flag Ban When Student Shows Up With Squad Of Veterans

Protesters lined the street in front of a South Carolina school Thursday morning after administrators had forced a student at the school to remove an American flag from his truck the previous day. Wednesday morning administrators from the York Comprehensive High School pulled a student out of class and made him walk to the parking lot where they had already removed an American flag and a POW/MIA flag from the back of his truck, The Herald reported. 18-year-old Peyton Robinson had been showing Read more […]

The Walking Dead: Common Core Standards in SC Just Won’t Die

Officially, Common Core is dead in South Carolina, wiped out Wednesday by a vote of the state board of education. However, leaders of the state’s anti-Common Core movement are anything but happy, saying the state is being tricked by a bait-and-switch tactic that replaces the standards with something nearly identical. Sheri Few, the head of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education and a top campaigner against Common Core in the state, says that while the new South Carolina College and Career-Ready standards Read more […]

Yea Boy. South Carolina Considering Mandatory Gun Education

You’d have to believe it would take a state with solid Southern sentimentality and strength of character to actually consider mandatory gun education in their public schools. Now, it’s not the only option – the state is also considering a bill that would simply allow local schools to add a gun safety course to their curricula… but either way, in this day and age that kind of talk takes a lot of guts.   A pair of bills filed in each house of South Carolina’s legislature aim to eliminate Read more […]