New Private School in Atlanta for Homosexual Children to Open Next Year

I have always seen things a little different that many of my fellow Baptists. While many of the SBC has been screaming for prayer in State Schools, I have been screaming for the closing of State Schools. I have nothing against those who teach and/or use the State School. Many see it as the only real option. But, I do not think that it is the States job to educate our children. Rather, I would have us all use private and homeschooling. This would do several things. It would drive the cost of education Read more […]

Religious Freedom no Longer Means what It Used to

When I went to school, I was taught that in America, one had the right to believe what they wanted. We are free to exercise that freedom within reason. We, of course, could not harm others physically, but outside of that kind of thing, religion was not to be interfered with by the government. That is now changing, and you will not be surprised why. Christian News reports A prominent homosexual advocacy group is calling upon the U.S. Department of Education to release the names of religious schools Read more […]

Boston Doctor Fired for Telling the Truth about the Health Dangers of Being Gay

We live in a world that neither believes the truth nor want to hear the truth. There was a time that people could give facts and not fear reprisal, but that day has passed. We live in an age where all we do is good and right. Nothing you wish to do is wrong as long as you do not hurt someone else. Well, unless you want to smoke crack, Marijuana, or tobacco. These things doctors and scientists have determined are harmful to your health. This is the reason that the government has outlawed them or Read more […]

Transgender Students not Accommodated at Christian Colleges

In many of our public institutions of education, we have seen a fearful trend. Boys claiming to be girls and vice versa have been allowed to share restrooms and locker rooms with the opposite sex. Though the possible ramifications could be disastrous to both the transgender and their classmates, our court system has forced these institutions to accommodate these false claims. But not all colleges have faced this tyranny. Fox reports Nearly three dozen religious colleges and universities in 20 Read more […]

Manager Fired for Refusing to Call a Girl a Boy

It must have been one of those moments when a person could relate to Alice as she wandered through Wonderland. Lewis Carrol could not have written it better, even if he had tried. But, this is the strange world we are living in, where girls claim they are boys and vice versa. What is even stranger is that now parents are deciding for their children that they were born the wrong sex. But, it gets worse. People are losing their jobs because they will not acknowledge the switch in gender at the parents’ Read more […]

New Study Purports to Prove Vast Amounts of Service Men Sodomized While Serving our Country

When we think of our servicemen, we think about strong, brave young men. We think of then fearlessly placing themselves between us and those who would kill, rape, and destroy. But, this is not always the case. There are many in the military that are anything but. These men are those who victimize and exploit those they serve with. And they get away with this criminal behavior because the shame their actions cause their victims. The Washington Times reports Far more military men are being raped Read more […]

Massachusetts Church Honors LGBT with a Festival

In our culture, it is getting harder and harder to be surprised.  People, even those claiming to be Christian have embraced sodomy and all that goes with it.  So, when a church holds a festival in support of the sodomites it has accepted into its membership, one hardly pauses anymore.  Especially when the denomination the congregation belongs to is one that has long left orthodoxy. But we should take note when the festival becomes blasphemous, and then we should point out these acts.  So, Read more […]

Couple Refusing To Bake Sodomite Wedding Cakes Appeal To State Supreme Court

The Christian Colorado couple refusing to bake a wedding cakes for same-sex marriage ceremonies filed an appeal to Colorado Supreme Court Friday. Jack Phillips has owned Masterpiece Cakeshop for more than 20 years. He closes down Sundays and doesn’t bake cakes for Halloween because of his religious convictions. Charlie Craig and David Mullins came to Masterpiece Cakeshop in July 2012 and asked for a cake for their same-sex wedding ceremony. Phillips refused because of his religious beliefs. Craig Read more […]

HIV Positive Man Arrested for Raping 6-Year-Old Boy

For the last twenty years, the sodomite community has struggled to convince us that they are not pedophiles.  That though case after case has shown that this was not true; they still insist that there is no connection between the two.  Yet, once again we find that a child has suffered at the hands of sodomites. The Sentinel reports Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed has spent nearly 20 years as a prosecutor, but he admitted Wednesday that the case involving an HIV-positive Harrisburg Read more […]

Attorney Claims Kim Davis is Breaking the Law

An attorney for a deputy clerk in in Kim Davis’ office says the Kentucky clerk who was jailed for six days for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses has again broken the law. Davis drew national attention when she was jailed by a judge for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses. The judge released her after her deputy clerks began issuing same-sex marriage licenses, but the judge warned Davis not to interfere with the licenses. Davis returned to work Monday and now an attorney for one Read more […]

Obama Nominates Sodomite to Lead Army

If you have read many of my articles, you know where I stand on Homosexuality in our country.  You are aware that I trust God’s word to direct me to whether or not it is an acceptable practice.  So, some of you may be surprised at the angle that I take on this issue.  For me to pound out another piece on why sodomy is wrong and what God says about it would be somewhat superfluous.  Rather, it seems that this issue has continued to ride for free on the accomplishments of others. Take, for Read more […]

Students in Missouri High School Walk out of Class in Protest of “Transgender” Teen’s Use of Restroom

For many it has been assumed that there were few redeemable qualities in the upcoming generation.  Many above forty seem to feel as though that this is a lost generation.  I, like them, have seen many reasons to feel consternation when dealing with those under the age of twenty-five.  But, there still seems we have reason to hope that it is not too late. Christian News reports  Students at a public high school in Missouri walked out of class Monday in protest of a male student who is being Read more […]

Colorado Judge Rules Against Christian Couple In Sodomy Dispute

A Colorado judge ruled Thursday that a Christian couple could not refuse to bake cakes for sodomy-based “weddings.” The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that refusing to bake a cake for a couple engaged in sodomy was discrimination not protected by their right to religious freedom. “The fact that an entity charges for its goods and services reduces the likelihood that a reasonable observer will believe that it supports the message expressed in its finished product,” the court ruled. “Nothing Read more […]

State Lawmaker Planned Sodomy Propaganda To Cover Up Actual Adultery

A state representative in Michigan appears to have been caught plotting to falsely accuse himself of using a sodomite male escort … all in order to distract from his actual heterosexual affair. The whole sordid saga comes from recordings released Friday by The Detroit News. In the recordings, Republican representative Todd Courser talks about distributing an email that would claim he was caught having sex with a male prostitute. In doing so, he apparently believed this would help hide an ongoing Read more […]