Man Convicted of Selling Daughter for Sex

There is almost nothing that a parent can do that is worse than not protecting their children. A man that is unwilling to sacrifice himself for the good and welfare of his family is a useless man. Yet, a man who is the danger for his children tops the coward. It would have been better for his children had that man died shortly after their birth. One such man has been discovered in Tennessee. Christian News reports Ronnie Lee McCall, 60, of Johnson City was taken into federal custody in 2013 along Read more […]

Obama Compares Slaves to Syrian Refugees

I have said on many occasions that politicians use the collateral of past pain to wedge out an opponent. Obama is a master at taking emotional equity and guilt to push people in the philosophical direction he wishes them to go. This shameless practice is employed by those who have no merit in their own argument. In other words, their idea will not hold water. There is no real “reason” on what they want to do if laid out by itself. No one would go for the proposed change in question unless there Read more […]

Moore Rails Against the CSA and the Battle Flag

For many in the North and the South, the Confederate Battle Flag is a conflicting issue.  While it should be readily acknowledged that it can be offensive to our black neighbors, it is the symbol under which many of our ancestors fought and died.  It has been used by the ignorant as a symbol of hate and terror, but also symbolized a struggle for Constitutional law.  At least for me, when someone speaks of banning or removing the flag, I begin to both understand and become agitated.  So, when Read more […]