Left Using Flint Water Crisis as a Political Club

There is a clear indication that Clinton has not slowed her thug mob tactics, even in the face of possible indictment. She and several other liberal politicians have sought to make the suffering of Flint Michigan a political issue. They do this completely ignoring the facts. Their call is very much a reversal of the way in which they have view the countries crisis in the past. Fox reports Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the latest to go after Snyder. During Sunday Read more […]

Governors Refusing to Take in Muslim Refugees

More and more Governors across the nation are refusing to accept Muslim refugees from the war torn Middle East (particularly Syria), until the federal government can figure out how to fully vet each and every refugee that enters their state.   Nathan Deal of Georgia:   “In light of the terror attacks in Paris, I’ve issued an executive order directing state agency heads to prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Georgia. Further, I call on the Obama Administration to work Read more […]

Michigan Governor Enacts Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed into law new civil asset forfeiture legislation that some advocates hope will be the first step to fully reforming the practice in the state. Civil asset forfeiture is a practice where police can seize your property and keep it even if they don’t convict or charge you with a crime. Then, you must go through the difficult and often unsuccessful process to recoup your property – whether it’s a vehicle, cash or your home – from the police. The Read more […]

Another GOP Governor to Enter the 2016 Race?

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder (R-M) may well be the next GOP candidate to jump into the race for the White House. While talk of Snyder’s possible candidacy has been whispered in various places for months now, it was beginning to seem like he would choose not to run in 2016. Well, that’s changed. After spending some time mingling with donors at the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in Las Vegas and getting some advice from former Minnesota Senator, Norm Coleman (R-MN), it seems that Snyder Read more […]