Carly Fiorina says “It’s not Clear to me that Donald Trump is a Republican”!

Oh boy. Carly Fiorina better be careful how far she takes her attacks on current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. He’s very popular among a certain segment of grassroots activists and many GOP voters are acting as if anyone who disagrees with Trump is an establishment GOP hack (and that’s just not so). She also needs to be careful because every candidate that Trump has turned his fire on thus far has suffered for it (Rick Perry and Rand Paul can attest to this), so it may not be worth her time and Read more […]

Rick Perry on Gun Free Zones, Rand Paul on Taxes and Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton

All of the GOP Presidential candidates are hard at work these days making campaign appearances, giving interviews and fleshing out their positions on various matters of policy. This past weekend many of them were in the news – Ted Cruz was talking about the lying GOP leadership, Lindsey Graham was talking about how much he dislikes Donald Trump, Donald Trump was talking about how much he dislikes everyone else… and so on. But a few candidates had some things to say that you might not have heard Read more […]

Trump Calls Out GOP Opponents, Praises Ted Cruz!

You have to give it to Donald Trump, he’s not going to back down on an issue he thinks resonates with many Americans. Trump recently had a very testy interview on NBC where he not only defended his immigration comments but doubled down on them, saying that illegal immigrants were “flowing across the border like water.” Near our southern border with Mexico Trump has many supporters and many detractors, as NBC recently explained in a short segment.     Many observers Read more […]

Is Your Candidate an “Iowa or Bust” Candidate or a “New Hampshire or Bust” Candidate?

This past Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press Chuck Todd divided all of the declared GOP candidates into three different groups; “Iowa or Bust,” “New Hampshire or Bust” or “Crossover.” In the New Hampshire column are the moderate candidates hoping to win in the Granite State and earn some momentum early. These candidates include Chris Christie (R-NJ), John Kasich (R-OH), George Pataki (R-NY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Jeb Bush (R-FL). In the Iowa column are the conservative candidates who Read more […]

Three Candidates, Three Different Perspectives on Latino Immigrants

Over the weekend the Donald Trump illegal immigration train continued as the real estate (come multi-faceted) mogul continued to get smacked around for last week’s comments on illegal immigrants. Trump has already said he won’t be apologizing, and in appearance after appearance, he’s been defending his comments while attacking his opponents. Trump continued that trend over the weekend as a guest on Fox News’ Fox & Friends. Trump also took the opportunity to call fellow GOP candidates Read more […]

Hillary Charges GOP Opponents of Racism Over Voter ID

Most people after defeat or failure second guess themselves.  It is hard not to look back and see where you failed.  Asking, what should I have done differently?  Where could I have done better?  And it is an absolute must in politics.  When you have a second chance to win the highest office in the land, you want to do the right things right and fix the mistakes.  So, when Hillary Clinton looks back to her ’08 campaign, she must think she was not aggressive enough. Fox is reporting  Down Read more […]

It’s Official! Rick Perry is Running for President!

Well, it’s official folks – we now have yet another GOP candidate for President officially in the race. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) gave his formal announcement on Thursday standing next to a real American hero, “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell. Governor Perry was one of the favorites in the last nominating process back in 2012 before a series of blunders (especially this one) cost him his shot at the nomination. But he’s back. 2012 is in the rearview mirror and Perry is focused Read more […]

Donald Trump Announces that He Will be Making a Special Announcement

Oy. So, on Monday billionaire Donald Trump released a special media advisory memo announcing that he would be making a very special announcement from his Trump Tower on June 16th at 11am. The day is just two weeks away and the memo indicates that “the Donald” is planning to announce his plans concerning the Presidential race at the press conference.     While I happen to think that Donald Trump as a GOP candidate is kind of a joke and just another way for Mr. Trump to Read more […]

NBC’s Chuck Todd says Rick Santorum Best Represents Republicans

But if you look at today’s Republican Party, who makes up of it, the rank and file. I think Rick Santorum better represents them than anybody else. Better represents this new working class Republican voter.              – Chuck Todd My assumption here is that Chuck Todd is speaking about the Republican Party as a whole – left to right, top to bottom, grassroots to establishment, conservative to RINO. I kind of get his point. Santorum is a social conservative, who happens to believe Read more […]

Rick Perry Blasts Obama’s ‘State of Delusion’ on National Security

In a powerful speech delivered to the student body at the Citadel Military Academy in Charleston, South Carolina, former Texas Governor Rick Perry berated President Obama’s ‘State of Delusion’ on National Security, taking a few moments to decry the President’s rhetoric on the state of our world and even coming incredibly close to calling President Obama a liar. “If you choose to wear the uniform of our nation, you deserve the truth about the realities you will face, however unpleasant. Read more […]