Israel HATES our Deal with Iran

Oh boy. Many Americans are not excited about the prospects of the deal that the Obama administration has just completed with Iran, but their disquiet is nothing compared to how the people of Israel feel about the deal. In Israel the people are tense and the anger they feel is palpable. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called a deal on limiting Iran’s nuclear programme in return for the lifting of sanctions “a bad mistake of historic proportions”.     Netanyahu’s Read more […]

Obama Does the Impossible – Unites Israel and Neighboring Allies Against US Policy

On MSNBC with Thomas Roberts NBC Foreign News correspondent Richard Engel continued his dogged war on Obama’s horrible foreign policy. Amazingly, President Obama has finally done the impossible. Perhaps this is the foreign policy achievement upon which he can hang his hat? Obama has united Israel and her Arab neighbors in their opposition to US foreign policy in regards to Iran! That’s all it took. President Obama crafting a foreign policy that was so incredibly terrible that both sides of Read more […]

Shock Report! Military says Allies Don’t Trust Us, Fear We’re Leaking Intel to Iran

NBC’s Richard Engel delivered some shocking news on Friday when he reported on the situation that seems to be ever devolving in the Middle East. It seems that perhaps the failures of the Obama administration are even more disturbing than we realized because now it’s not just Israel that no longer trusts us. Now there’s news that some of our strategic military allies have no faith in us… “Saudi Arabia and other countries simply don’t trust the United States any more, don’t trust this administration, Read more […]

Is ISIS in “De-Facto” Control of Libya?

Don’t ask NBC’s foreign correspondent Richard Engel to paint you a rosy picture of what is happening against ISIS. In a segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough began the segment by repeating some of the “good news” we’ve been hearing over the last few days about how the fight against ISIS is proceeding. Victories being trumpeted by the governments of Iraq and the USA and being repeated by the media are many… but they may be misleading, especially if Richard Engel is to Read more […]

Democrats “Torture Report” is Rewriting History

There are many problems with the recently released and heavily partisan Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s use of “torture” against terrorists. Particularly, that the report was likely solely produced by Democrats, created as a tool to ‘get back at’ the CIA, and produces zero solutions. NBC’s Richard Engel chooses to focus in on the way Senate Democrats seem to be attempting to “rewrite history” by laying blame at the feet of the CIA. “I think this is really about Read more […]