Iranian Deal to Move Forward in Face of Questionable Activity

You know that one person that you wanted to trust, but knew you could not?  That boy/girlfriend, cousin, sibling who constantly wanted you to believe them.  They would do any and everything to gain your trust except tell the truth.  For us, it is Iran.  And unlike those people in our past, they want our trust in order to destroy us. After years of tension with the West, Iran may be close to getting back to normal. Though there have been reports of hidden missiles and the capture and detention Read more […]

Will Obama get the Votes Needed to Approve the Iran Deal, and does it even Matter

We have heard about this for months.  Ever since the administration announced that they had finally come to terms with Iran, there has been the threat to vote down the deal.  Many on both sides of the isle has expressed their displeasure and deep concerns about the Iranian deal.  Many even within the President’s party has vocally opposed the deal and sworn to vote against its passage in Congress.  But will the vote mean anything? The Washington Times is reporting  Even strong bipartisan Read more […]

Obama Going around Congress and Straight to the U.N.: Showing His Open Disdain for Our System of Government

In many different ways and in open comments, our President has shown he has no respect for our system of government.  With his statements about the fundamental mistakes of our founders, to his overreach on executive orders, the President continues to thumb his nose at our the Republic and her laws.  But now, on his Iranian deal, he might have gone too far. Fox reports The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously endorsed the Iran nuclear deal, though the show of support was interrupted shortly Read more […]

Congress & US Allies Concerned Over Iran Deal Draft

In the wake of Thursday’s announcement of an outline for a nuclear deal with Iran, U.S. allies in the Middle East as well as members of Congress expressed their reservations with the agreement. Foremost in criticism was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told President Barack Obama in a phone conversation that the proposed deal “would threaten the survival of Israel,” according to a summary of the call posted online by Israel’s embassy in Washington. The deal provides for the rollback Read more […]