More Conservatives Attacked as Liberal Violence Continues to Rise

It seems that the party of peace, love, and tolerance is anything but that. As Trump has become the 45th President of the United States, more incidents have occurred. As I reported, a woman was attacked in a Women’s March in Canada. As ironic as that sounds, the women there to protest for women’s rights were okay with a woman being attacked: she was conservative.

Now, it has happened once again. This time on a University campus.

Heat Street reports:

A meeting in West Virginia University between college conservatives and progressive leftists turned to blows after one of the progressives lost his temper and forced them out of the conversation.

Per videos captured by conservative participants, the groups had met up to discuss a possible public debate on Wednesday night when a male student, Kelley Dunham, refused to tolerate the presence of the conservative students from the campus’ chapter of Turning Point USA.

In the video, the physically-imposing Dunham can be seen menacing a female student before a male student steps between them. The loudmouth makes a show of walking off before heading back towards the student recording him and appears to assault him, all the while yelling “get the f**k out!”

But does this not fit what we know about the true believers of the Left? They have no real answer for the logic they face. They pitch fits and destroy property when things do not go their way. And they bully those who oppose them.

This kind of thing will continue to get worse as all that we see in the Left is a form of violence. Violence against things, ideas, and rights. These are a small step away from violence against people.

Have they crossed that line?

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Could Denver Church Come to Any Other Conclusion Besides LGBT Can Be Included?

There is a reason that many of us will never come together on certain issues. The one sides see something very clearly, and the other side sees the opposite side just as clearly. This has caused the situation in our society that we have today.

People begin to feel, because the opposite side will not move, that they hate the people involved. They can come up with no other reason for their stubborn resistance. But there is a good reason for this resistance.

And we can illustrate this in a recent announcement by a Colorado Church.

Christian News reports:

Members of the elder team of Denver Community Church (DCC) announced this week that following a two-year discussion period, and out of a desire to “seek unity,” they have decided to allow homosexuals and transgenders to have full inclusion, permitting them to serve “in any and all levels of leadership.”

Now, the elders I have served with and those with whom I am acquainted would say this was a bad decision. Not because they hate those of the LGBT community, but because they think that their sexual practices are sinful.

But that this eldership was having this discussion shows the real problem. They have started with some bad assumption. They have assumed two things. First, that this is a decision they can make. Second, and even more troubling, they have assumed that all who claim faith actually have faith.

Christian News continues:

“In our journey and conversation, we studied Scripture, prayed together, challenged one another, heard from various viewpoints, and invited our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community to share their stories with us,” the elders state in the four-minute message.

Now I do not doubt their sincere struggle with this issue, nor do I think that they were doing this for attention. But, I believe the problem these elders have is that they skipped a step in their deliberations. In determining whether or not they should allow homosexuals and transgenders in leadership, they forgot to ask if true Christians can live in these situations.

You see, they went into the situation assuming that since Christians still struggle with sin, that the LGBT community is no different. And this is true. There are those who have struggled mightily with the sin of same-sex attraction. But the key word is struggles.

This church has come to the wrong conclusion because it has started with wrong-headed assumptions. Not only are they adulterating God’s Church, but they are also walling off the LGBT community from salvation.

They make the LGBT community believe that they can be redeemed and live a promiscuous lifestyle at the same time. This is a lie.

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Male Thug Punches Female Reporter at Canadian Women’s March (Video)

Gone are the days that men treated women with respect. Gone are the days that men stood up for women. Gone are the days when women were placed on a pedestal. These days, women have received what they have claimed to want, they are equal. So much so that a man can punch a woman in the face and others do nothing.

The Washington Times reports:

A man punched a female conservative reporter in the face at a Women’s March in Canada over the weekend, and feminists attending the rally blamed the woman.

The incident, caught on video and uploaded by Rebel Media on Sunday, shows a man with a lip ring and glasses using profanity during an interview with Sheila Gunn Reid, the media site’s Alberta bureau chief.

“Go away. Get out of my [expletive] face. I will break your camera,” the man says before taking a swing in the direction of the camera.

“You don’t have the right to film me,” he says, backing away.

“Yeah I do, and you just hit me in the face,” Ms. Reid responds.

And being that the female reporter is a conservative, the crowd did largely nothing but blame her for the incident. This is because, as I said, the feminist movement is not really concerned with women’s rights.

There is no worse hypocrisy than what is found in this power hungry, man-hating pack of women. If a conservative man had punched a feminist in the face, they would have mauled him half to death. But they watch as their nutso friend disappears into the crowd.

Watch the video and see for yourself. The woman that steps in is not concerned for the welfare of the reporter; she is providing a barrier so the thug can slip away.

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Public Schools Teaching Kids That Islamic Terrorism Is Christianity’s Fault!

Many of us have very little, if any, knowledge about the Crusades. We know they happened in the Middle Ages and involved knights. We know that it had something to do with the Middle East. But the why and who of the whole affair is distant and unimportant.

As a consequence of this, if your child or grandchild told you that the whole thing was caused by Christians, it is very unlikely that you wouldm be able to tell them why such a statement is incorrect. Who started the Crusades? Why did the Crusades start?

No worries, I am not going to give you a history lesson. But, what we have to understand is that this is not a small thing for many people in Middle Eastern countries. Muslims still refer to Christians as “Crusaders.” And many in the war-torn areas see Western intervention as the new Crusade.

So this is why the fact that this distorted view of history is being taught to our children in our schools is so troubling.

Fox reports:

A classroom assignment on Islam says one negative effect of the Crusades is that Christians are still treating Muslims harshly.

“I almost fell over,” said Barbara Light.

Mrs. Light, of Westwood, New Jersey, was helping her 13-year-old daughter prepare for a World History test when she discovered some rather shocking lessons.

“The Christians’ harsh treatment of Muslims in the Holy Land led to bitterness that has lasted to the present,” one worksheet stated.

Another worksheet asks students to identify “one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present.” The answer written on the worksheet – “the Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues in the present day.”

While most of us have no real or relevant contact with Muslims, we are told that we as Christians are treating the Muslim badly.  Not to mention that Christians are oppressed and martyred almost daily by Muslims. But, in reality, there is something worse at work. It is not just bad history these schools are teaching. These schools are peddling this lie because it is the only thing that could explain the truth.

Islam is a failed system and society.

If you look at the Muslim-dominated cultures, what you will find is abject poverty and oppression. The Muslim economic and politic is one that has never succeeded absent a robust expansionism to prop it up.

In other words, unless there were producing cultures from which to feed off of, the Muslims system cannot help but fail. And we must not mistake the oil-rich Arab countries as the exception. Without American companies granting know-how, equipment, and workers, the Saudis and the rest would still be herding goats in those oil fields. And how has this wealth helped their people?

They are still poverty-stricken and oppressed.

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Venezuelan Parents Giving Their Children Away for Lack of Food

We have several examples in history of parents taking radical steps. People have sold their children to pay debts. People have prostituted their children to feed them. But, have we ever seen a society so poor that they could not sell their children?

This is now the case in the economic disaster that is Venezuela. This socialist hell has sunk to the level that most could not feed their families, much less purchase another mouth to feed.

Breitbart reports:

Local councils and national welfare groups in Venezuela have confirmed an increase in parents giving away their children due to the economic crisis ravaging the country.

Three local councils and four national welfare groups have said that parents were handing over children to the state, charities, or friends and family, Reuters reports.

There is little information on how many parents are giving away their children, as the government does not release that information and welfare groups are struggling to compile statistics on the growing trend.

How bad it must feel to have to hand your child to another because you cannot provide for them any longer – not because you are a drug addict, not because you are too lazy to work, but because there is no work to be had.

The country has long been struggling with food shortages, and now there is no place to earn a living.

Breitbart continued:

The average wage in the country is less than the equivalent of $50 a month at black market rates. Basic food supplies like milk, butter, vegetable oil, and flour are increasingly difficult to come by, with between 8 and 15 percent of the nation feeding themselves by scrounging through the waste produced by local markets.

Instead of the Utopia that the Socialist leaders promised, the same Dystopia that Socialism always brings has settled into this impoverished nation.

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Target Employee Confesses to Videoing People in Restrooms

Just when things had started to calm down for Target, they are once again in the news. That’s right, there is another story about Target and restroom safety. However, this has nothing to do with transgender men going into the women’s restroom. Rather, this has to do with the run-of-the-mill pervert.

Breitbart reports:

An employee of retail giant Target was arrested in Columbus, Ohio, after a 12-year-old boy reported that the employee was taking video of unsuspecting customers in the store’s restroom.

The arrest came after the boy’s mother called police in November to report that her son had seen someone’s hand, holding a cell phone, appear underneath his stall in the store, ABC noted.

Police reportedly reviewed store surveillance footage and found that Target employee Matthew Lively, 31, had entered the store’s restroom after the child went in and did not emerge until after the boy left.

It would be unfair to blame this on the employer, but it will not be likely help the struggling retailer regain its lost consumer base. Women, who were already concerned about their safety and privacy, now have to worry about their young sons going to the restroom.

Target has tried to alleviate concerns.

Breitbart continues:

At Target, our guests are at the center of everything we do and our commitment to creating a safe and secure shopping environment in our stores is unwavering. As a part [of] this commitment to safety, we have robust procedures, policies and trainings in place to ensure that our stores are safe places to shop and work.

Target is fully cooperating with law enforcement in this case. As this is an active investigation, please contact local law enforcement with further questions.

Though this was out of Target’s control, this points to the fact that we often overlook. God is just. He will not be mocked. Those who spurn His Law soon find that they reap what they sow.

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French Report Points to the Desired End of Muslim Migration

We have all heard the fear mongering that some have done concerning Muslims. They are going to form rape gangs. They are going to have success in converting large numbers of our children and students. They will outbreed us and eventually take over our country.

I have always thought that these things were happening already. And if we do not stop playing games and look to our duty, we will lose, regardless of how many Muslims move here. We also have the understanding that we have the truth. If we understand what “truth” is, we have no fear. Truth always defeats falsehood. This is the reason that Christ referred to His gospel as light. Darkness can overpower us, but it can never overpower light.

And one truth is the results of unchecked and un-evangelized Islamic migration.

Breitbart reports:

Women are invisible in public spaces and are unwelcome in cafés and bars in France’s migrant-heavy suburbs, a shocking report broadcast on France 2 last week revealed.

Reporting from Saint-Denis, a commune where 36 per cent of residents were born overseas, journalist Caroline Sinz narrates: “The café terraces and the streets have something in common: women seem to have been erased. In some neighborhoods, men occupy public places, and women suffer.”

The cause of such a situation is the lack of real faith in France. There are few, if any, Christians left. And I even mean that in the general sense of the word. If you are confessing Christ and believe that without him, you face hell for eternity, you are counted. There is less than two percent Protestant in France. And only forty-six percent of that two percent even read their Bibles at least once a month.

In this environment, we can have little or no hope of evangelism of the incoming Muslim population. These Muslims were not assimilated into the French culture and had built their communities to match what they left in their former homes. But who could expect otherwise, as it is all that they know (another proof that our societies grow out of our worldviews).

This is the aim of the left, as they seek to overrun us with Muslims. If we are smart, this can be turned on its head. They have seen the Muslim used to bring down other nations and destroy true liberty. This can be avoided here if we seek to know and love the Muslim. If we seek to share truth with him, the truth will win out.

Truth always trumps a lie.

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Ohio Abortionists Could Face Up to One Year in Prison For Stopping Baby’s Heart

We have moved well past the stage of considering an unborn child a mass of cells. This has been proven scientifically untrue.

At the very least, the death of an unborn baby is the killing of the living cells in that mass. But, we now know that those cells contain life.

Not just life as individual cells connecting and working toward humanity, but the very makeup that is the person in that stage of their development. Those cells are doing something, and the something that they are doing is creating a human being. Not a potential something, but a determined someone.

Those cells contain that person’s DNA. This is the proof that the mass of cells argument is dead. So, when we talk about surgically removing that clump or mass, we are talking about removing arms and legs and a head and torso. Inside that torso is a heart, forming or formed.

But, it may be illegal very soon in the state of Ohio to remove that heart.

Christian News reports:

Lawmakers in Ohio have passed a bill banning abortions when a heartbeat is detected, sending the legislation to the desk of Gov. John Kasich for signing.

The Unborn Heartbeat Protection Act was approved by the Senate 21-10 on Tuesday, being attached as an amendment to a child abuse bill. It then passed the House 56-39.

“A person who intends to perform an abortion on a pregnant woman shall determine if there is the presence of a fetal heartbeat of the unborn human individual that the pregnant woman is carrying according to standard medical practice,” the Act reads in part.

Unfortunately, this bill does contain exemptions, but it is a start.

The question is, will it withstand the attack from the Leftist judges it surely will face if passed?

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Asylum Seeker Arrested in Rape and Murder Case in Germany

There has to be a limit to the toleration of abuse.

When those you seek to help continue to spit in the face of your kindness, one has to ask how long this is to be tolerated. I know that we are to pray for those who spitefully use us, but what about our children?

Do we continue to welcome people into our homes who abuse and kill our children? This goes beyond any expectation of tolerance. When we see our women and children abused, there should be a reaction. But, in Germany, this has yet to take bloom.

RT reports:

German Police have arrested a suspect, an Afghan teenage refugee, in a high-profile sexual assault and murder case that has kept the residents of Freiburg, Germany in suspense for months.

A medical student officially identified only as Maria L., 19, was raped and allegedly drowned on the night of October 16, when she was returning to her residence hall from a student party by bicycle. Her body was found the next morning by locals on the bank of the Dreisam River in Freiburg, home of one of Germany’s elite universities.

This has elicited a response from the AfD party.

The Irish Times reports:

In a press release, the AfD said the “bitter irony” of the chief suspect, and the victim’s refugee engagement, exposed the failings of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee strategy. It also attacked AfD critics who dismissed as “populist” the party’s warnings about uncontrolled inward migration of “hundreds of thousands of young men from patriarchal-Islamist” circles.

“The ignorance in light of these warnings amounts to a mix of naivety and arrogance,” said Jörg Meuthen, AfD co-leader, echoing a furious reaction on social media towards the chief suspect.

The government answer to these complaints has been to point to the fact that Germans can commit crimes, as well as migrants. A typical Leftist response of, “they do it too.”

I wonder how many women and girls Merkel and her government will sacrifice on the altar of globalism.

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Poland Begins Self-Defense Courses for Women

We all hope to have good relations with our neighbors. We want peace and the ability to work, live, and prosper. This goes for most nations as well. Most people do not wish for wars, which are counterproductive and deadly.

We would like to have good relations with Russia. This is something that our President-elect has sworn to work toward. But, we do not live next to the Russians. And those who do seem very much afraid of letting their guard down.

The Washington Times reports:

Poland’s defense minister has officially launched self-defense courses for women, saying that training by military instructors will increase individual and national security.

Antoni Macierewicz has repeatedly stressed that the nation’s security has decreased amid neighboring Russia’s assertiveness. He is strengthening various forms of national defense and recently added a new military force, the Territorial Defense.

Macierewicz insisted Saturday that the no-weapons self-defense courses for women have to do with their personal security and not with military defense. But he said that well-trained women will contribute to national security.

Does this mean that the Polish government is taking every step possible to prepare? Do they see the invasion or annexation of their territory by Russia inevitable?

There is no doubt that history has shown that Russia is in the habit of taking what it wants and that Putin and his government have no qualms using Nazi propaganda tactics to invade their neighbors.

Russian Nationalism has been the war cry. History also tells us that once this kind of territory grab begins, there is only one way it is stopped.

Poland is preparing for the repeat of history.

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Washington AG Claims that Religious Expression Must Remain Inside the Person

We have all lived under a delusion.

Many, if not all, Americans thought that our First Amendment Right to freedom of religion covered the exercise of religion.

Apparently, we have all been wrong. Our freedom of religious expression must be contained within ourselves, and this freedom cuts off once you have a business.

We have found this to be the case, as Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson argued his case before the Washington State Supreme Court. He was defending the verdict of the lawsuit against florist Baronelle Stutzman.

Christian News reports:

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson told the court that Baronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers may believe what she wishes in her heart and mind, but cannot live out her convictions when it comes to a public business.

“Ms. Stutzman for her religious expression is free to believe what she wishes,” he argued. “But when she engages in public accommodations and avails herself of the protections and benefits that come with being a business, there are of course responsibilities that flow from that.”

Would this mean that a Muslim restaurant owner must sell pork if a customer wanted a Cuban sandwich? What about a Jewish deli? Would they be required to slaughter a pig if a customer asked?

No, this is foolish.

This same Attorney General would demand the opposite he has demanded of Stutzman. He would stand and say that this was an infringement of the Jew’s and the Muslim’s rights.

The point that is at issue is the fact that the left, including Ferguson, wants to punish those who disagree with them on this issue. Lawsuits are a means of coercion. It is the first step in moral and ethical conformity. You believe what they say, or you pay the price.

What’s next?

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Texas Baptists Split Over Openly Homosexual Leaders

For many, the fact that homosexuality is a sin a little overboard. They wish not only to pronounce it sin, but they also wish to distance themselves from the homosexual. They carry signs that proclaim God’s hatred for this sexual sin. And, though I do not wish to persuade any that God is not displeased with that sin, everyone is guilty of sin.

So, many Christians have begun to seek ways not to be so abrasive and not to sound so hateful. They recognize that we are never going to get the homosexuals to hear the gospel by calling them names. They will never receive Christ if we are telling them that Christ hates them.

But, how far is too far to go when being loving to the homosexual community?

This limit has been pushed in Texas.

Christian News reports:

The Baptist General Convention of Texas has sent a warning letter to a congregation in Dallas that recently voted to allow open homosexuals as members and leaders.

According to reports, Wilshire Baptist Church passed a motion 61 percent to allow those in unrepentant homosexual behavior to serve in the house of worship.

This does not just mean that if you are homosexual, you are allowed to come to church at Wilshire. This means they have said that unrepentant homosexuals can be members and be considered for leadership positions.

And, unfortunately, this is not the first time the Convention had to address this issue.

Christian News continues:

The organization also sent a warning letter to First Baptist Church of Austin, which likewise welcomes openly homosexual members.

We see once again that we must have a standard. Without this standard, then love means to do what you think is good toward your neighbor. What we feel is love is love.  This is not what Christ said about loving your neighbor.

Matt. 22:35-40:

35 One of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, 36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the great and foremost commandment. 39 The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

And Paul explained in Gal. 5:14:

For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

To love according to the Bible is to love according to or within the guidelines of God’s Commandments. To do as these churches are doing is to hate these people and not love them.

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Is Chelsea Being Groomed To Take Her Mother’s Place?

The Christian right along with many conservatives made a collective sigh on November 8th.

The reason is that most of us knew what things Hillary would seek to do as POTUS; the many children who would lose their lives because of the changes in abortion laws; he higher taxes and the out of control spending. Not to mention gun control.

And at nearly seventy, we could breathe easier knowing that Hillary will most likely never be POTUS. But, what if this was not the end? What if there was a way for the Clinton Machine to continue to try and destroy our country?

Maybe there is.

Fox reports:

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton reportedly is being mooted as a future congressional candidate.

The New York Post reported that Clinton, 36, is being eyed to take Rep. Nita Lowey’s place when the 79-year-old incumbent decides to leave the House of Representatives.

Lowey represents New York’s 17th District, which covers part of Westchester County, including Bill and Hillary Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua. The Post reported that the Clintons had purchased the home next door to theirs, in which they plan to install Chelsea, her husband, and their two children.

This, of course, would only serve as a stepping stone. Like most politicians, this would be used to get the proverbial foot in the door. Once in the House of Representatives, she could quickly take steps to a higher office.

No one knows for sure what the future holds, but the thought of another Clinton in politics is scary. There is no doubt that the socialistic political thoughts of Chelsea’s parents have been handed down to her.

Maybe we should start praying now.

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New Orleans Protesters Write ‘Die Whites Die’ On Monuments

Most of us do not think about the massive racial divide that our parents faced in the ’60s & ‘70s. We never suffered such riffs as we grew up and went to school. But, there seems to be an undercurrent of rage left over from that violent and hateful past.

It is as if a deep scar has been ripped open to reveal that the flesh had not actually healed. Many will talk about the many adverse effects of the Obama administration, but the largest may well be the effect his presidency has had on race relations.

Now, in the wake of a Trump victory, many have taken to the streets to protest. Whether they failed to vote because they believed that Trump could never win, or that they simply hate our political process, these people wanted to show their dissatisfaction. But, we have to ask why the violent side of these protests was not covered by the media.

Breitbart reports:

What started as a protest against President-Elect Donald Trump soon turned to violent riots where one of New Orleans’ most famous monuments was covered in graffiti and glass windows were shattered out of a nearby bank.

Hundreds showed up to denounce the election of Trump–but despite media reports of a peaceful gathering, the crowd grew increasingly hostile and violent, according to Breitbart Texas sources on the ground.

Other phrases like “No Trump, no KKK” were used to vandalize surrounding areas, as well as the threatening phrase “Die whites die” and “F*ck Trump”.

This is not simply an outpouring of emotion over the election results. This is rage against a particular group of people. It seems that the silent white majority finding its voice Tuesday night has awakened this rage.

The question is how far it will go before it burns out?

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Students Walkout of Class to Protest Trump Win

We have heard from both sides of the political spectrum how unique our political system is compared to history and even much of the world. If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times from those on the TV and Radio News. They were telling all the listeners that the U.S. changes its government peacefully.

And this is very true. Our Founding Fathers did a wonderful job of setting up a system that remakes itself, and without bloodshed. This means, no matter how hard we fight for our beliefs and our candidate, if we lose, we live with it. But it seems that these calls for good sportsmanship were directed at the right.

The Washington Times reports:

Thousands of students and others nationwide staged walkouts Wednesday to protest Republican Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

A crowd of several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the Massachusetts state house clapping and chanting, “Not my nation that I know, Donald Trump has got to go,” while thousands in California, Colorado and elsewhere walked out of class.

Photos and video of the protests could be found online under the hashtag #NotMyPresident, which became the top-trending topic Wednesday on Twitter.

Several other schools experienced the same thing. The youth, whether it is because they are on the take through welfare or just spoiled brats who have never had to work for anything, represent our future.

Most of these students have been duped by the very state education they boycotted today. They have been taught by leftist teachers that every country is the same as the rest and that America became great by exploiting others. And, therefore, we should support the rise of other, oppressed peoples.

Like Muslims nations and the Chinese. But what these useful idiots are not told is that the rise of these nations will mean the decline of our own. So, while they take their diplomas and sweep at a fast food joint, maybe they will think about their choices.

No! That will probably be someone else’s fault too.

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Christians Denied Adoption Because of Their Views on Homosexuality

We have seen all sorts of discrimination in the world. But many do not recognize the discrimination now being leveled against Christians. The idea that Christians are being shunned or rejected because of their views seems unbelievable.

But, we are now finding that this is more and more the case. Those who refuse services because they believe it would involve them in sin are being charged and fined in America and Europe.

But, who would have thought that Christians would not be allowed to adopt?

Christian News reports:

A Christian couple in the U.K. has reportedly been denied their request to adopt two foster children in their care after they told social workers that the juveniles needed a mother and a father, and not two daddies.

. . .the couple was rejected and told that “having heard that the prospective adopters were a same-sex couple, you shared some opinions in relation to this proposed placement which are concerning … as these views could be detrimental to the long-term needs of the children.”

But the husband and wife, who have biological children of their own, don’t believe anything they said was wrong.

Once again, we see that it is not enough that homosexuality must be openly tolerated by the Christian. The Christian also must conform his thoughts. They must agree that the practice is good and right. They must be willing to teach the children in their care that there is nothing wrong with this act that God tells them is sinful.

What is so scary about this is the fact that the denial of the statement made by the Christians, is to render the mother obsolete. If two men can raise children as well as a man and a woman, then the woman brings nothing to parenting that a man cannot bring. She has really nothing to offer the child.

This means that, as far as the British government is concerned, women only birth the child. They are good for nothing else.

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Assange Explains How Clinton is Funded By the Same People Funding ISIS

For some, what I am about to say will seem like I am trying to make false connections. But, what I would like first to point out is that I am not the one making the connection. The connection is made by the understanding of human relations.

We all know that if someone is going to support a group or a charity, they will not support another that holds the opposing ideology. So, if I decide that I want to help children in Africa, I am not going to search for a group that refuses to share the gospel, while at the same time supporting a charity to help children in Haiti who will share the gospel.

I find that it is hard for us to be inconsistent purposely. We will stay with those we support ideologically, if possible. Therefore, with what we find in Clinton’s leaked emails, the connections are telling.

RT reports

JP: The emails that give evidence of access to money and how Hillary Clinton herself benefited from this and how she is benefitting politically, are quite extraordinary. I’m thinking of when the Qatari representative was given five minutes with Bill Clinton for a million dollar cheque.

JA: And twelve million dollars from Morocco …

JP: Twelve million from Morocco yeah.

JA: For Hillary Clinton to attend [a party].

JP: In terms of the foreign policy of the United States, that’s where the emails are most revealing, where they show the direct connection between Hillary Clinton and the foundation of jihadism, of ISIL, in the Middle East. Can you talk about how the emails demonstrate the connection between those who are meant to be fighting the jihadists of ISIL, are actually those who have helped create it.

JA: There’s an early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton, not so long after she left the State Department, to her campaign manager John Podesta that states ISIL is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Now this is the most significant email in the whole collection, and perhaps because Saudi and Qatari money is spread all over the Clinton Foundation. Even the U.S. government agrees that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIL, or ISIS. But the dodge has always been that, well it’s just some rogue Princes, using their cut of the oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

But that email says that no, it is the governments of Saudi and Qatar
that have been funding ISIS.

JP: The Saudis, the Qataris, the Moroccans, the Bahrainis, particularly the Saudis and the Qataris, are giving all this money to the Clinton Foundation while Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State and the State Department is approving massive arms sales, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

JA: Under Hillary Clinton, the world’s largest ever arms deal was made with Saudi Arabia, [worth] more than $80 billion. In fact, during her tenure as Secretary of State, total arms exports from the United States in terms of the dollar value, doubled.

JP: Of course the consequence of that is that the notorious terrorist group called ISIl or ISIS is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation.

JA: Yes.

JP: That’s extraordinary.

So, the Clinton Foundation was receiving pay from those who support ISIS.  The same countries whom Clinton knew were giving monies and probably weaponry, were also giving her Billions.  Do you think that there is an expectation of something if she becomes president?

This put credence to the claim that Hillary and others within the U.S. government had aided the creation of ISIS.

The FBI has this information, so why is nothing being done?

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Has the Church Become Politically Pragmatic?

When we talk about Christians and politics, many become uncomfortable. There are those who believe that the Church should not be in political affairs. Either they are misinformed about the issue of the separation of Church and state, or they misunderstand Matthew chapter five.

In either case, we have seen a significant shift in the way Christians choose the people they will vote for politically. And a recent survey reveals how quickly thinking has changed.

Evangelical Focus reports:

In 2011, only 30% of white evangelical Protestants believed “elected officials can behave ethically even if they have committed transgressions in their personal lives”. Now 72% do, says survey.

A new survey published by New York Magazine shows that 72% of white evangelical Protestants in the USA “now believe elected officials can behave ethically even if they have committed transgressions in their personal lives.”

I believe that this has more to do with theological shifts than the political scene. People have set aside the view that God’s ethical standards are necessary. No longer is the Church instructed that ethics are important. We are taught that God’s standards are changing, or that all is forgiven and we can live as we wish.

The weakness in ethics in the Church has led to this understanding. We have begun to believe that the God Who died for our sins does not care who we support. But we forget the admonition about being yoked unevenly.

And what about the warning that those who live in sin do not have the truth in them? We are in a dangerous place when we forget the words of our Lord just to gain comfort and affluence.

We must return to the standard God has given, or we will perish.

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Representative Calls for U.S. Support to Unified Christian Army

Since the beginning of the war in Syria and Iraq erupted, the differing Christian groups have struggled to survive the onslaught by ISIS. They were for, whatever reason, fighting independently. Mostly because these groups do not see eye to eye, and also because of their geographical separation. But that is all about to change.

Because of this change, there is little excuse for America not to support them. And they have a champion calling for this support to start now.

Breitbart reports:

The United States “should prioritize” providing military support to Iraqi Christian militias that have joined forces to retake their homeland in northern Iraq from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), urges Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE).

Fortenberry, a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, spoke to Breitbart News on Tuesday, a day after the Chaldean Syrian Assyrian political parties, backed by their religious leaders, reached an agreement to unify their armed groups in an effort to seize and secure their homeland in Iraq, which was captured by the ISIS in 2014.

This would mean that there would be trained and seasoned troops in the fight against ISIS in Northern Iraq. Troops that pose no real threat to our ally Turkey. Troops that we do not have to worry about going against us at a later time.

This will not be a force of potential terrorists. They simply wish to reclaim and defend their homes. And they wish to do this under the authority of their government.

Breitbart continues:

Emmanuel Khoshaba Youkhanna, one of the Christian leaders who signed the statement, explained, “This is the first step to unify all our forces under one leadership.”

Youkhanna, who also serves as the commander of the independent Christian militia known as Dwekh Nawsha (“self-sacrifice”), noted that the unified Christian force is seeking official recognition from the U.S.-backed, Shiite-led Iraqi government in Baghdad, emphasizing, “We don’t want to be an outlaw militia.

If only this administration would listen.

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America and Europe Soon to be Invaded

There are a few things that would just seem silly to most Westerners. Most of us think the idea of an economic collapse is ridiculous. If we did not, we would live as if its reality was nowhere near happening.

But the silliest thing was to hear that we were on the brink of invasion.

What nation would be foolish enough to send an invading force against America and Europe? Who would ever believe that they had a chance to actually reach the shores of the West much less be successful? Well, it seems that those people are Iran’s military.

Fox reports:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the country’s elite military force, is sending assets to infiltrate the United States and Europe at the direction of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to recent Farsi-language comments from an Iranian military leader.

“The whole world should know that the IRGC will be in the U.S. and
Europe very soon,” Salar Abnoush, deputy coordinator of Iran’s Khatam-al-Anbia Garrison, an IRGC command front, was quoted as saying in an Iranian state-controlled publication closely tied to the IRGC.

Now, I admit that this would be better described as an infiltration rather than an invasion, but it seems that the invasion has already begun. Most of us do not realize that the first wave of the Muslim invasion began years earlier, and that this will be a raising up and training of an army that is already here.

What is worse, we are the ones paying for this infiltration.

Fox continues:

Congressional leaders and others suspect that Iran has used a large portion of the cash windfall it received as a result of last summer’s nuclear agreement to upgrade its fighting capabilities war machine.

“The IRGC is [the] strong guardian of the Islamic Republic,” Abnoush was quoted as saying. “The Fedayeen of Velayat [fighting force] are under the order of Iran’s Supreme leader. Defending and protecting the Velayat [the Supreme Leader] has no border and limit.”

Now that we have been compromised externally and weakened internally, we will be chipped away and imploded. God have mercy.

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Feminist Camille Paglia Slams Clinton: She’s a Woman without Accomplishment

There is very little truth in politics today.  We all, for different reasons, pull for a letter or party rather than for character and ability.  We will spin for our candidate because of the party we root for so that others will blindly follow the party line.

If my guys are running the country, we think, then things will be better.  Even though these guys support and do things that are contrary to our definition of “better.”  So, when a person comes out and speaks truth about “their” candidate, it can be refreshing.

This is why I am so excited by what I read recently

The Washington Times reports:

Lesbian feminist author and professor Camille Paglia has delivered a scathing rebuke of Hillary Clinton, saying the sole reason for the Democratic presidential nominee’s success is because she is a woman.

“It’s an outrage how she’s played the gender card,” Ms. Paglia told The Spectator magazine in an interview published Friday. “She is a woman without accomplishment. ‘I sponsored or co-sponsored 400 bills.’ Oh really? These were bills to rename bridges and so forth. And the things she has accomplished have been like the destabilization of North Africa, causing refugees to flood into Italy … The woman is a disaster!”

Paglia is well-known for her attacks on modern feminism.  And she has boldly stated the truth about this anti-feminist woman, Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is a woman who is only well-known because of her womanizing sex-offending husband.

As I have shown before, there actually may be a shift in power, as those the Democrats have used to gain said power are finally noticing that they are receiving almost nothing in return for their vote.

Paglia says as much.

The Times continue:

“If Hillary wins, nothing will change,” she continued. “She knows the bureaucracy, all the offices of government and that’s what she likes to do, sit behind the scenes and manipulate the levers of power. But people want change and they’re sick of the establishment.”

She even went as far as giving a point to Trump:

Ms. Paglia said it’s very unlikely that a Donald Trump presidency would threaten Western civilization, as so many pundits and politicians have predicted.

Things they are changing.

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Judge Rules that Gender Identity Laws Will not Apply to Churches for Now…

There are times that we need to gain clarity before there is a problem. We see something that might make for a situation later, and we decide to deal with it now. This is both wise and prudent. It can also allow us to work with confidence, knowing that we have avoided possible conflict in the future.

This seems to be the case in a recent lawsuit. As I reported, the Human Rights Commission of Iowa had worded the exemption of its new regulation on gender restroom availability very vaguely.

This led to an inquiry by several organizations and churches. These inquiries were met with vague and almost hostile responses from the Commission. Out of fear of persecution, one church had filed suit to place an injunction on the law.

This case has now been dropped.

Christian News reports:

A legal challenge that had been filed against the Iowa Human Rights Commission over its interpretation of local laws pertaining to gender identity has been dropped after a federal judge noted that churches are not generally considered places of public accommodation by the courts.

U.S. District Judge Stephanie Rose responded to motions from both sides of the case on Oct. 14, denying the Commission’s motion to dismiss the suit, while also denying the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ’s (FDMCC) request for an injunction.

“[S]tate and federal courts have held that churches and programs they host are not places of public accommodation,” Rose wrote.

It seems that this was a waste of time. Nothing has changed, and the church still seems to be getting its right to exist from the state. I understand the desire to protect oneself, but we have to remember that if they cannot make a concerning religion, this was superfluous.

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Obamacare Architect Says It’s Working As Designed!

Many look at the new healthcare system with their higher premiums and wonder what has happened. Why are their coverages shrinking and their premiums growing? Some have come to the conclusion that the system itself is to blame. They believe that Obamacare is broken?

What they fail to recognize is that this is not the case at all. What we see as failing to make insurance better has made it worse, but it is simply a problem of ignorance. We just are not smart enough to know the truth. Higher premiums and less coverage is the point, it seems.

Breitbart reports:

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” MIT Economics Professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber argued that “The law is working as designed. However, it could work better. And I think probably the most important thing experts would agree on is that, we need a larger mandate penalty.”

Gruber said, “Obamacare’s not imploding. The main goal of Obamacare was two-fold. One was to cover the uninsured, of which we’ve covered 20 million, the largest expansion in American history. The other was to fix broken insurance markets where insurers could deny people insurance just because they were sick or they had been sick. Those have been fixed, and for the vast majority of Americans, costs in those markets have come down, thanks to the subsidies made available under Obamacare.”

So basically, everything that is being reported is not accurate. There is no reason to think that all of the insurers are bailing like rats on a sinking ship. It just appears that way. This is little more that fool’s hope so that there will not be a mass exit from the exchange.

But, unfortunately, people no longer demand proof. They simply take a man like this at his word. So, he will get away with telling Chicken Little that the sky is not falling; even while it is coming down on his head.

When you chase emptiness, God will let you catch it.

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Air Force Cracks Down on Religious Freedom, Christian Fights Back!

It is rare to see or hear of anyone taking a stand against the rapid increase in legally forced Humanism in public life. Everywhere we look, we see freedom of speech and freedom of religion suppressed to appease a small group of Americans.

But there is hope, as some still know what their duty entails.

Christian News reports:

An activist that often works to separate God from the military is seeking the punishment of an Air Force commander who responded to a recent interview question that Jesus is his guide and influences his decisions.

On Sept. 15, the focus was on U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Kersten, who serves with the 39th Medical Support Squadron. The unit provides “preventative and clinical health and wellness services for U.S. and coalition forces.”

“Is there a leader from your career that influenced you the most?” he was asked during the interview. “If so, who, and how did they affect the way you lead?”

“There’s no ONE in particular, Kersten responded. “As a Christian, my example is to be like Christ. He is my guide and affects all of my decisions. He teaches to do all things as unto the Lord and I believe this is synonymous with integrity first and excellence in all we do.”

Of course, atheist troll Mikey Weinstein was very displeased to see such statements on a government website. Therefore, Weinstein wrote to the base commander to have punishment inflicted for such actions.

Christian News continued:

“He has essentially stated that Christianity (or his particular interpretation/denomination of same) is the guiding policy of HIS command,” Weinstein said. “He has VERY publicly endorsed his singular view of Christian faith supremacy and it is not unreasonable or irrational to think that this widespread endorsement in an official Air Force internet publication could and/or would lead to preferential treatment of those subordinates who share his views.”

He, therefore, demanded that Kertsen be both rebuked and punished.

“MRFF demands that you (1) expeditiously and publicly rebuke Lt. Col. Kersten’s official statement—as contrasted with his private Christian faith belief which is not MRFF’s concern—(2) appropriately and visibly punish Lt. Col. Kersten for his unconstitutional and UCMJ-violating behavior; (3) apologize to your airmen and our Turkish allies, and; (4) reaffirm an inclusive 39th Air Base Wing command climate…”
Weinstein wrote.

Isn’t it cute that he thinks that someone would be scared of his list? Glad to report that Col. John Walker was not.

Christian News reports:

“The Air Force places the highest value on the rights of its personnel in matters of religion by its members,” he wrote. “Our Airmen are sworn to protect our rights and liberties as Americans, including the right of all Airmen to practice their religious faith of to practice no faith at all.”

A second letter has been sent, but, so far, Walker has not replied.

It is possible that he has just chosen to ignore Weinstein.

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DePaul: “Unborn Lives Matter” Posters Are Veiled Bigotry

There are times that we are guilty of doing things that are offensive and we are unaware. Not knowing the culture you offend puts you in a position to seem bigoted. But are you responsible for how others perceive your words? Are you accountable to ensure that no one is ever offended by your words and actions? Is that even possible?

It seems that this is now what is expected of DePaul University students. They are only to express themselves in ways that others will not take offense.

The Washington Times reports:

The nation’s largest Catholic university told a group of pro-life students that it could not display posters reading “Unborn Lives Matter,” lest they provoke the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a letter to the College Republicans, DePaul University president Father Dennis Holtschneider said the posters contained “bigotry” veiled “under the cover of free speech,” the Daily Wire reported.

“By our nature, we are committed to developing arguments and exploring important issues that can be steeped in controversy and, oftentimes, emotion,” Mr. Holtschneider said in the letter. “Yet there will be times when some forms of speech challenge our grounding in Catholic and Vincentian values. When that happens, you will see us refuse to allow members of our community be subjected to bigotry that occurs under the cover of free speech.”

So to twist the popular slogan of one group to fit another group is bigoted? Would they feel this way if the sign were different? What if the sign read, “Black Unborn Lives Matter,” would that be bigoted?

The truth is, the university is beginning to crack down on freedom of speech and expression, if those thoughts and expressions are conservative. More mind control from the left.

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Have the Colts Gotten Tough on their Players About National Anthem?

There is one thing that stands out in our country: there is no longer any respect for the people that pay us. We have lost respect for those in authority over us. We think that we can do as we wish, even while being paid for our time.

The truth is, if you have agreed to work for a person for pay, during those set hours, you no longer belong to you. You are an indentured servant. There are, of course, limits to this, but indentured you and I are. So there is one problem no one so far has brought up concerning the kneeling that has occurred before the games.

They are kneeling out of the grace of their bosses. So, there now may be a stand being taken in Indianapolis.

Breitbart reports:

The wife of cornerback Antonio Cromartie offers a theory on why the Colts cut her husband.

She says Indianapolis released him because he took a knee during the national anthem.

“You are Nothing More than an Entertainer,” she posted on Instagram. “Just Shut and do what we say. You have No rights as along as you are working for me.. there are other places for you to fight and stand for what you believe… Smh Maybe I read something different.. one things for sure I know my husband was told Not to take a Knee and he went with his heart and he took one. And that cost him his Job.. and Clearly this Statement backs that up… Just a Paid To put on a show.. SMH”‘

Now the question is whether this has any truth to it at all. There is the possibility that Cromartie is not a good fit. This is his third team in three years, and he has not been performing at high levels for years.

But, let’s play “Devil’s Advocate.” Let’s say that this is over his kneeling twice this year. If this is against the Colts’ owner’s wishes, then it is a good reason. You can protest on your own time, but not on his.

I kind of hope that this is the case. Maybe this silliness will end.

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Is America Losing the Philippines as a Military Ally?

There is much going on in the South China Sea. And though there has been little coverage of the events, the Chinese have been making large claims to the major fishing and commercial area. One of the countries that America has been using as an ally in the area has become a little cantankerous.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been touted as the savior of the Philippines and a man sent from God for his heavy-handed stance against drugs. He has also called out America, and especially Obama, for causing problems in the region.

Now, Duterte has proclaimed his break from America on his recent visit to Beijing.

Fox reports:

The controversial president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced what he called his “separation” from the U.S. Thursday in his latest speech aimed at rankling Washington.

“I announce my separation from the United States both in military and economics also,” Duterte announced to a cheering crowd in Beijing. He added, “America does not control our lives. Enough bulls—,” according to AFP.

Duterte has previously said the Philippines would stop joint military exercises with the U.S., and he opposes joint patrols with the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea. But U.S. officials say its commitment to the treaty alliance with the Philippines remains “ironclad.”

The Philippines is an important part of the strategy against the Chinese expansion. It appears as if the old containment strategy employed by the English in the 30’s is currently being used by the U.S. This strategy is jeopardized by these developments and the subsequent loans handed out by the Chinese to the Philippines.

Fox continued:

Economically, it was announced by the Philippines’ Trade Secretary, Ramon Lopez, that the two nations would be signing $13.5 billion worth of economic cooperation this week. Separately, the Philippines

Presidential Communications Office said President Jinping committed more than $9 billion in low-interest loans to the country, with about a third of the loan offer coming from private banks. About $15 million in loans will go toward drug rehabilitation projects.

Money and need may be the thing that ends decades of good relations between America and the Philippines. This would be another ally lost during Obama’s run as president.

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Bible Removed from VA Clinic After Veteran Complains “Our Government Is Secular”

I imagine it was a frantic scene. The Veteran Affairs staff was running around in a panic. In a fright over the possible presence of an illegal substance in their building. Much like the scene in Monsters Incorporated, where they think a kid has contaminated their living space.

This is a measure of the level of lunacy at which our country has arrived. That one Bible, placed in a government building, has caused such mayhem and disruption.

Todd Starnes reports:

A Bible was removed from the waiting room of a Chillico the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Athens, Ohio after a veteran complained.
“Our government is secular, and must remain secular,” the unidentified veteran wrote.

Mikey Weinstein, the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, fired off a letter to the medical center on behalf of the veteran – alleging that the presence of the Bible inside a government facility is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Weinstein, a fussy little man with a strong aversion to our Lord, said the Bible’s placement in the waiting room was “illicit and unconstitutional.”

In other words, “Good Housekeeping” is fine, but the Good Book is not.
The panicked VA staff scoured the entire building to ensure there were no other Bibles lurking about – waiting to spontaneously convert people. They found one.

So, did this veteran think that this Bible was going to do something? Was it going to cause him to lapse into a coma? Was he going to wake up the next day and decide to be a Christian because it was on a table where he had been?

No, this is just another example of the thought police. If you do not think like them, then you are infringing on their rights.

Thanks to the brave staff of the CVAMC, their facility is now Scripture free. But someone should tell these people that there is an easier way to avoid things they do not like. Do not pick them up.

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Welcome to the Banana Republic Politics

One of the things that have made America so fruitful and stable for so long is the fact that America was a land of laws. No matter what was at stake, we were a country that played fair when it came to our political system.

So, while the nations south of us went through regime change after regime change, we remained steady. It could be quickly pointed out that this was based on our religious worldview, and the dogged faith the people had in the system under which they lived. Both of these pillars are now gone, and we are faced with the same type of system that our southern neighbors have.

The Washington Times reports:

Two top Democratic strategists have exited the presidential campaign after explosive undercover videos showed them discussing voter fraud and their roles in planting paid agitators at campaign events for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Robert Creamer, founder of Democracy Advocates and the husband of Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat, stepped down from the campaign Tuesday, a day after Scott Foval was fired from his post as national field director of Americans United for Change.

Mr. Trump, who has long complained of a “rigged” election system, said at a Tuesday rally in Colorado that the video released by the conservative group Project Veritas Action confirmed his suspicions of Democrat-sponsored political chicanery.

“The protesters are paid a lot of money by the [Democratic National Committee], and they kept saying, ‘I wonder why those people are here, because they never seem to have much on their mind other than stand up and protest,’” Mr. Trump told a crowd in Colorado Springs. “And yesterday it came out, but it was barely covered by the media. But it’s all over the internet. They were busted.”

There is no doubt that this election and now our political system is a joke. A joke to these clowns and the candidates. We are left with few options but to flush and start over.

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HHS Could Force Doctors to Do Procedures Against their Will

The idea of being forced to do something that you are morally opposed to is one that causes great distress. Especially if the immoral act you are compelled to do is work-related. The idea that you could lose your ability to provide for yourself and your family frightens most people. It sounds like something right out of 80’s scientific thrillers.

But, unfortunately, it is very real. And many doctors are afraid that it will cost them their livelihood.

Christian News reports:

Nearly 50 Congressional representatives have signed a letter to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expressing concern that its recently released rules might wrongly require doctors to perform puberty suppression, cross-hormone therapy or plastic surgery against their will, including on children.

“[T]his rule for the first time in history requires doctors to perform gender transition procedures or treatments on patients including children, even if the doctor believes the procedures could be harmful,” reads the correspondence, led by Congressman Joe Pitts, R-Pa. “Never before has the federal government forced doctors to choose between caring for their patients based on their best medical judgment, and complying with federal law.”

The thought of having to perform operations on people that you think are unwise, immoral, and unhealthy is a dangerous thing. We have to hope that, while we await the day that our children will rid this country of such practices, our politicians will protect doctors.

If not, the result could be the loss of our doctors.

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How Would America’s Party Candidate Tom Hoefling Handle our Overblown Federal Government?

There are many things that we could list that was wrong with our government. This is especially true of our federal government. Our federal government has left its original establishment and has grown into the god of our society. We can see this in the size of our tax bill and some of the things in our personal lives that they regulate.

So, as we look at a Christian option of presidential candidates, we must have a thoughtful and thoroughgoing answer to this that is not rooted in humanism. This is a hard thing, as most of us have not studied this issue enough to recognize when someone applies the scripture to the federal government.

Finally, it seems that someone has worked in that direction.

This was seen in Bill Evan’s interview of Tom Hoefling on the War Room. In answer to what would be the first thing Tom intended to do if he was elected to the White House he said.

Our federal government has grown far out of control; it has grown far outside of its constitutionally enumerate powers. There is a long list. . . I have a simple test. . . . A simple three step test which is easy to explain.

I would look at every law, every public policy. And the first question would be, is it moral? As revealed by the Word of God and our knowledge of simple right and wrong.

The second question would be, is it constitutional?

If it is not moral; throw it out.

If it is not moral or constitutional, forget it.

The last one being, is it necessary? If it is moral and constitutional does not mean that it is necessary. But if it is you would go ahead and implement that in the most efficient and the most noninvasive way that you possibly can.

That sounds simple, but if you put that simple test up against most of what our government is doing now, it doesn’t hold up.

So there is no doubt that this is what Hoefling is planning to do just that, we see that later he confirms that this is the only way to save our Republic.

How do you fix the debt problem? How do you fix spending? It’s simple. You get back to the enumerated powers in the Constitution of the United States.

This man may never see the White House as President of the United States, but we sure need someone there that thinks along these lines.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Embroiled in International Charity Embezzlement

I will confess that there are few people in the world who are at Leonardo DiCaprio’s level.  He is phenomenal at his craft.  There is no part, thus far, that he has not nailed.  He can play anyone.  And maybe this makes him a fairly dangerous man.

As I reported, DiCaprio is globetrotting promoting the latest environmental propaganda film.  He just recently gave a special viewing to the president.  And besides the fact that DiCaprio leaves large carbon footprints than Mid-Western states, there is also a question of ethics.

Breitbart reports:

A charity focused on rainforest preservation has called on actor and environmental advocate Leonardo DiCaprio to step down from his role as a UN Messenger of Peace for climate change due to his own charity’s reported connection to a $3 billion Malaysian embezzlement scheme.

The Bruno Manser Funds — which in August urged the actor and his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to return what it called “stolen money” — repeated its demand at a press conference in London on Friday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The claim is being made that the money used to make DiCaprio’s film, Wolf of Wall Streetwas taken from the fund.  It is also reporting that items auctioned that benefited DiCaprio’s charity were purchased with money stolen from the fund.

And this is not news to DiCaprio, as his charity was alerted a month ago by the Malaysian government.

Breitbart continues:

The actor’s charity has faced increasing pressure to return what some have called its “ill-gotten” donations. In an open letter to the charity last month, Malaysian attorney and civil rights advocate Ambiga Sreenevasan expressed “shock” and “embarrassment” to learn that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was, as she put it, “connected with the heist of the decade that has undermined the [Malaysian] people in so many ways.”

It is not a big step from hypocrite to thief.  He is a thief because even if he was not involved in the theft, he now knows and has not returned the money.

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Clinton Camp Elitism Documented in Hacked Emails

It is one thing to suspect that someone looks down on you. To think the lady in the BMW next to you thinks you are beneath her. It is one thing to think that the government believes that they know better how to run your life and spend your money. But it is a whole other thing to see it in black and white.

This is what is happening to many groups and the Clinton Campaign.

The Washington Times reports:

Long before Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables,” her top campaign advisers and liberal allies openly mocked Catholics, Southerners and a host of other groups, according to newly released emails that offer a stunning window into the vitriol inside the Clinton world less than a month before Election Day.

The emails, published by WikiLeaks after a hack of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s private account, also show Clinton campaign officials and Democratic leaders disparaging supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders as “self-righteous” whiners, calling Hispanic party leaders such as Bill Richardson “needy Latinos,” labeling CNN anchor Jake Tapper “a d—k” and even lambasting longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal.

Concerning each person shamed and denigrated, there is a response from that group or people from that group. An excellent example of this is Paul Ryan responding to what was said about Catholics.

The Times continues:

In the exchange, Mr. Halpin mocks media mogul Rupert Murdoch for raising his children in the Catholic faith and said the most “powerful elements” in the conservative movement are all Catholic.

“It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy,” Mr. Halpin said.

“I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they become evangelicals,” Ms. Palmieri responded.

“Excellent point,” Mr. Halpin wrote back. “They can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about.”

Ryan said: “If Hillary Clinton continues to employ people with biased and bigoted views, it’s clear where her priorities are.”

But, we must not forget that most people will have the same attitude as their leader. If Hillary did not speak this way about people who opposed her, they would not.

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5 Muslim Refugees Arrested After Gang Raping Wheelchair Bound Woman

It is appalling for any woman to be mistreated or harmed. The thought that men, who should be protecting women, use their strength to take advantage of a woman, is sickening and enraging. But what if the woman was also handicapped?

There is a clear difference in the way that men see women today; but an even larger contrast between the West and Muslim-dominated cultures.

The Sun reports:

A WHEELCHAIR-bound woman was gang raped by six asylum seekers, Swedish police have said.

The unnamed disabled woman had asked to use a toilet at a nearby asylum center after sharing a taxi with one of its residents.

After entering the building, the asylum seeker and five others attacked the woman. She was helpless to do anything to resist and could only repeat the word “no.”

The Sun continued:

But after she was invited inside, the woman, in her 30s, was attacked by the man and six of his fellow migrants.

A furious group of more than 100 Swedes have since attacked the centre in Visby, pelting it with rocks.

The victim’s lawyer Staffan Fredriksson told local newspaper Aftonbladlet: “She followed him in and had no fears that something would happen.

“Then the man took advantage of the situation. The abuse started in the toilet.

He added: “She is completely broken down.”

Five men, all aged in their 20s, have since been arrested by Swedish police following the incident on October 2.

What, if anything, will the Swedish government do to protect its citizens? Sweden has taken in more refugees than any other country and has had several such incidents over the past year. The problem continues to grow as the refugee population grows.

Any rational person could figure out what the problem was, but they want and need these people.

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Hillary Clinton: China Has Right to Assert Itself in South China Sea

We have lived in an era of time that is somewhat unusual. We have had really no legitimate rivals internationally. With our relative economic stability, we have continued to grow. We have had no technological or military competitor in the world for nearly three decades.

But times they are a changing. In the globalists’ efforts to make all the world one people, we have slowed to a crawl. Our security has been sold or given away, and we are bound by trade deals that have us losing money and jobs.

One of the biggest concerns over the last several years is the rise of China. First, we saw China take on a more capitalistic model economically, with incentives for production and profit. From this has arisen the modern Chinese military.

Now, China is asserting herself in many areas. One of the most important and least talked about is the conflict that China continues to have with Japan.

The Pew Global reported:

The two East Asian nations have a centuries-old relationship, punctuated by major conflict and strife. Most recently, Beijing and Tokyo have been at loggerheads about sovereignty over a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, called the Senkaku by the Japanese and the Diaoyu by the Chinese.

But this is nothing compared to the rising tension in the South China Sea, which has China imposing itself upon several neighboring nations.

This is the results of weak globalist leadership. They compromise and weaken America so that all of the world will be equal.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we can be sure that these backroom globalist deals will continue. But now, all the world should know because she has all but said so in speeches.

Breitbart reports:

In a private speech shortly after leaving her post as Secretary of State, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reportedly asserted that China has “a right to assert themselves” with regard to the South China Sea, a region in which the communist government has usurped the sovereign territory of six countries.

In a speech to Goldman Sachs in October 2013, Clinton told the audience that China “basically wants to control” the entire South China Sea, a multi-billion-dollar trade route connecting much of Asia. “48 percent of the world’s trade, obviously that includes energy but includes everything else, goes through the South China Sea,” she said. Of China’s attempts to control the entire body of water, Clinton appeared forgiving.

“You can’t hold that against them,” she reportedly said. “They have the right to assert themselves. But if nobody’s there to push back to create a balance, then they’re going to have a choke hold on the sea lanes and also on the countries that border the South China Sea.”

This tells us that Hillary has no intentions of confronting the Chinese on these activities. If she wins, we will have four more years of the same weak policies.

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Once Again, Attempt to Regulate Abortion Struck Down

We have the most regulation of probably any country in history. We regulate food, drink, medicine, industry, trash, and almost anything else that you could name. But there is one thing the bureaucrats at every level of government will not stand to be regulated: the murder of the unborn.

Christian News reports:

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down a state abortion law that it says both violates the “one subject” rule and “continues to place undue burdens on access to abortion under the guise of protecting the health of women.”

In January, the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights filed suit on behalf of Oklahoma abortionist Larry Burns to challenge a multi-faceted law centering on youth who obtain abortions.

The law required criminal penalties for anyone who helps a minor obtain an abortion without their parents’ consent, mandated samples to be taken from aborted babies whose mothers were younger than 14 in order for rape investigations to be conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and gave permission to the Department of Health to conduct unscheduled inspections of abortion facilities.

Once again, any attempt to make these murder factories accountable for what they do is being struck down. And it shows once again that the murder proponent has little, if any, more care for the born than the unborn.

Who cares if a minor acts contrary to their parents’ wishes? Who care if the girl was raped by a relative and was being made to cover it up by killing the baby that that rape produced?

The people of Oklahoma should be outraged that the court set up to protect them from the infringing of their rights by the powerful is doing the opposite by empowering the murder industry to operate unhindered in the killing of their children.

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