Conservatives Beginning to Unite against Donald Trump

Conservatives are beginning to unite in an effort to stop Donald Trump from being the GOP candidate for the presidency. The iconic conservative publication, The National Review, has decided to lead the charge and recently released a series of articles explaining why they were standing against Trump. Their editor, Rich Lowry sat down with Megyn Kelly on Fox News to explain why they were taking this stand now. If you truly are conservative, you believe in ideas and in principles. It’s not just Read more […]

Will Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Lies Finally Catch Up to Her?

In just over a week, a new movie, based on the events from September 11, 2012 will be releasing in theaters across the country, and it will spark new debate over what Hillary Clinton knew about the attack on Benghazi and when she knew it. Simultaneously, the House Hearings on Benghazi are turning up new (and controversial) evidence about what was going on in the Obama administration during this time. These two factors, plus the recent comments form Hillary Clinton implying that the families of the Read more […]

Megyn Kelly Gets it Right – Media thinks that Any Pro-Life Opinion is “Hateful”

In a brilliant segment for her show the Kelly File, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly eviscerated the liberal media for their biased narrative on conservatives and conservative philosophies. In discussing the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Kelly links the coverage to other recent examples of violence and lays bare the obvious bias in how the media covers such events. When a police officer is targeted, the media is quick to avoid blaming the Black Lives Matter movement (that openly calls Read more […]

FBI Counter Terrorism Expert – ‘Don’t Wait for Uncle Sam to Protect You’

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a professor at the Marine Corp University and he is a counterterrorism instructor for the FBI, he has a wealth of experience in dealing with the threat of terrorism, and he has been training law enforcement on how to protect our nation from terrorists for years. This past week he appeared on Fox News’ the Kelly File and told Megyn Kelly that the time had come for Americans to take their defense upon themselves. Megyn Kelly: Joining me now, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, he is Read more […]

Former Muslim Terrorist Turned CIA-Double Agent says ISIS will Attack the USA within Weeks!

Fox News’s the Kelly File welcomed a special guest to the show earlier this week when host Megyn Kelly interviewed a former member of Al Qaeda who became an important CIA double-agent about the recent terror attacks in Europe. Morten Storm was a Muslim jihadist who was an important member in the upper ranks of al Qaeda just a few short years ago. Storm eventually changed his allegiance and began working with the CIA against al Qaeda and was a very important asset for the agency in their work Read more […]

The Media’s Horrible Double-Standard on Vetting Candidates

The brilliant and eloquent Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox News’ the Kelly File to discuss the media’s hatchet job on Dr. Ben Carson. Malkin brilliantly reminds us all about the love-affair that the media enjoyed with Obama way back in 2007 and 2008. She reminds us too of the many inconsistencies and lies that litter the Obama narrative on his own biography that the media NEVER chose to look into. It really is disgusting to consider just how biased and corrupt our media obviously is… I was Read more […]

Koch Brother in Awe at Democrat Efforts to “Demonize” Him

Charles Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries, was recently a guest on Fox News Channel’s the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly. During their conversation, Kelly asked Koch about his political involvement, his family, his favorite candidates and about how he’s been portrayed by the Democrats. Have the Democrats demonized him and his brother in an effort to win votes? “Oh definitely, that’s a full time job on their part. I mean and that’s why I’ve never been that fond of politics and only got Read more […]

Saturday Night Live is “In the Tank” for Hillary Clinton and Bashing Donald Trump!

This past weekends episode of Saturday Night Live featured Hillary Clinton in her longest media appearance of the campaign! It was an amazing coup for the comedy sketch show, but must have made journalists and reporters across the nation pretty upset. I mean, what does SNL have that Nightline or Dateline or 60 Minutes doesn’t have? We all know that the main stream media and Hollywood are in an emotionally (if not sexually) awkward relationship with the Clinton family, and the same can be said Read more […]

Donald Trump Goes After Carly Fiorina… for Being Ugly

Will this be Donald Trump’s Waterloo? Will this be the mistake that he just couldn’t afford to make? The Rolling Stone published a story about Trump this past week that described a moment when Carly Fiorina came across Trump’s TV screen and he began mocking her appearance. ’Look at that face!’ he cries. ‘Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!’ The laughter grows halting and faint behind him. ‘I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posed ta say Read more […]

After Donald Trump Confrontation – Jorge Ramos had a Big Day on Fox News

Jorge Ramos’ name was all over Fox News on Wednesday but I’m not sure Ramos was happy with the coverage. On Tuesday Univision and Fusion television personality (and reporter) Jorge Ramos got himself kicked out of a Trump event for jumping the queue when questioning the presidential candidate. Later the media went overboard in wondering who was at fault, Ramos for not waiting his turn, or Trump for overreacting. On Wednesday it was pretty clear what most of the Fox News pundits thought of the Read more […]

Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly – Neither Combatant is Blinking!

Grab your bowls of popcorn folks, because the drama between Donald Trump and Fox News is just starting to get good. After the dustup between Trump and Megyn Kelly at the debate, you’d think that one of the two would be looking for the opportunity to make amends and move on… but that’s just not the case. Donald Trump made an appearance Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and told the eponymous host that there was no way he would be apologizing to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Well, you have to give Read more […]

The Reverend Franklin Graham has Some Good Advice for the GOP Presidential Candidates

The Reverend Franklin Graham has some seriously good advice for the many GOP candidates in the race for the White House. He wants them to stop aiming their fire at each other and start focusing on their messages to the American people. “Stop taking cheap shots at each other and get back to telling the American people what you can do for this country and how you’re going to do it,” Graham said in a recent post on his Facebook page. His comments came on the heels of the first GOP Presidential Read more […]

Fox News Wonders Why President Obama has been Silent about the Murder of Kathryn Steinle

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly had a hard-hitting monologue to open her show on Thursday night, in which she asked why the Obama administration was ignoring the murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco. The idea that the federal government deals more harshly with states who try to enforce immigration laws than they do with cities who completely ignore/break immigration laws is utterly insane. Remember when the Governors of Arizona and Texas threatened to beef up border security Read more […]

Senator Ted Cruz says We should be able to Impeach Supreme Court Justices!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was hopping mad after the dual travesties handed down by the Supreme Court last week. First the Court once again rewrote the Obamacare law to make it say what liberals wanted it to say, then the Court forced every state in the Union to accept, endorse and protect gay marriage as a newly discovered “right,” whether or not the people who lived in the state agreed. In the space of a few short days, the Supreme Court went from being a panel of 9 unelected judges to supreme Read more […]