Jerry Falwell Jr. Makes Waves with “End those Muslim” Comments

Those of us who carry a firearm do not do so because we want an opportunity to use that weapon on another person. There is, I suppose, the rare few who think that they want to have to draw their gun, but most of us have just simply decided that we are not going to be victimized because we are unarmed. When we live in one of the few countries in the world where self-defense is recognized as a right, we exercise that right. So, when most people hear someone express their willingness to defend themselves Read more […]

Bernie Sanders Tells MSNBC that Economics and Socialism are “Moral Issues”

Ugh. Bernie Sanders is going to try to get as much mileage as he can out of his recent trip to my alma mater, Liberty University. On MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show earlier this week the erstwhile socialist candidate for President told Maddow that he enjoyed his time at Liberty discussing moral issues like abortion, gay marriage and… economics. Isn’t it a moral issue that in America today, we are seeing a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires at the same time as we have the highest rate Read more […]

Socialist Bernie Sanders Delivers Speech at Liberty University

  Socialist and Democrat candidate for President Bernie Sanders spoke out at Liberty University earlier this week and said some… controversial things. Question: If you were elected president, what would you do to bring healing and resolution to the issue of racism in our country? We both want to see that go away. What steps would you begin to take if you were our leader in that resolved?  BERNIE SANDERS: That is an excellent question. I would hope and I believe that every person Read more […]

What is Liberty University Doing Allowing Socialist Bernie Sanders to Speak to It’s Student Body?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the far-left leaning presidential candidate from Vermont, payed a visit to Liberty University Monday morning in an attempt to woo students at the traditionally conservative institution. Sanders, who has been gaining momentum in the polls, acknowledged his views on social issues differed with most of the largely-Christian student body, but tried to find some commonalities on topics like income disparity. “I believe in women’s rights and the right of a woman to control Read more […]

Jeb Bush Delivers the 2015 Commencement at Liberty University

The leaders of the largest Christian University in the world, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia did Jeb Bush a big favor when they asked him to give the 2015 commencement address. Liberty is the flagship university of the Southern Baptist Convention, and it has become the most influential conservative college in America. With tens of thousands of Americans matriculating through the school, Liberty’s reach has grown exponentially in recent years, and their endorsement, whether explicitly Read more […]