Finally, the Call to Dismantle the Congress has begun

With so much political turmoil in our country, there is much that we could complain about. The infuriating politicizing of every event or topic. The constant backbiting and arguing with little progress. The standing for as lapdogs or against as bulldogs of the presidential agenda. These and other things have caused many in America too long for bygone or entirely new days. With many of the presidential actions over the last several decades, we have seen a definite negation of the Congress. Presidents, Read more […]

California Bill to Ban the Words “Husband and Wife”

When we talk about society, it is easy to overlook small things, such as titles.  We give each other titles to classify what role we play in our own and others’ lives.  Father and mother, son and daughter.  But, as we have seen our societal norms sledgehammered, we find that we have to get rid of these titles as well. The Info War reports Fresh off the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Democrats in California have introduced a bill that would ban the words “husband” and “wife” Read more […]

Canada: Right to Sodomy Trumps Religious Liberty

A court in Canada has upheld the denial of accreditation to a Christian law school, holding the private school’s prohibition of homosexual behavior is sufficiently discriminatory that its degrees can be invalidated for that reason alone. Trinity Western University is a 4,000-student, evangelical Protestant college in the Vancouver suburb of Langley. It has been seeking to open a law school, but has struggled to obtain accreditation in several provinces. This difficulty is not based on the Read more […]

Poll Shows Left Blames System Rather Than Criminals

It is no surprise to anyone that in a Post/ABC poll, there was found to be a wide divide. It is normal, the division that now exists in this country. There is the religious divide. There is the racial divide. And, now more than ever there is the political divide. For more than a decade, we have seen a growing gap between people based on political views. The poll dealt with the treatment of minorities by the justice system. To no one surprise, black Americans perceive that minorities are unequally Read more […]