White House Press Secretary Can’t Explain How No-Fly No-Buy Regulations will stop Mass Shootings

President Obama has done everything in his power to restrict gun ownership throughout his time in the White House. And for the most part, he has utterly failed over and over again. He hasn’t had any trouble expanding our government in countless other ways, but try as he might, his administration can’t seem to make a dent in the edifice of America’s gun culture. Which is why he has given up on changing the rules through any proper channel. After failing to get Congress to do his bidding, Read more […]

Gun Control Follies: White House Can’t Name One Shooting their Measures would have Prevented!

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was put in a tough spot this past week when he was asked to defend President Obama’s stupid gun control ideas. The Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau told Earnest that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had recently argued that all of the measures being parroted on the left would have been completely ineffective at stopping any of the recent mass shootings in the nation — a statement many in the media have found inconvenient but impossible to debunk. Tau then Read more […]

Media Finally Asks: Will Obama Shut Down the Government?

We’ve grown used to liberals and the media (but we repeat ourselves) blaming Republicans every time there is a threat of government shut down, so it’s nice to see a member of the mainstream media doing some honest reporting on the issue for once. Normally, when the threat of a shut down looms, the GOP gets blamed for it. Whether the GOP is in the minority and refusing to budge on a budget issue that the majority in Congress wants, or the GOP is in the majority but the minority Democrats won’t Read more […]

Obama’s Mouthpiece Josh Earnest Struggles to Defend His Own Ridiculous Statements

Both President Obama and his mouthpiece Press Secretary Josh Earnest have in recent days made the ridiculous claim that “99% of the world” agrees with them on the Iran deal. The Obama team’s deplorable attempt at math just didn’t sit right with ABC’s Jon Karl, and he made that very clear when questioning Earnest about the 99% claim during last Friday’s press briefing. Jon Karl: Help me with the math… where is this number coming from? Josh Earnest: Well, I guess if you look at Read more […]

Obama Team “Reluctant” to Defend Free Speech Conference that was Attacked by Muslim Terrorists

  Liberal PBS “journalist” Bill Press was in attendance at the White House Press Conference on Tuesday where Press Secretary Josh Earnest was busy fielding questions from the gathered reporters. When Press had his shot, he enquired about the appropriateness of the “Free Speech” rally in Garland, Texas. To his credit, Earnest doesn’t take the bait and never explicitly condemns Pamela Geller and her group of Islam protesters. However, the entire back and forth seems filled with an Read more […]

White House Works Hard to Cover for Hillary’s Crimes

The latest Hillary Clinton scandal is in the midst of exploding (right on the heels of the last one – her decision to accept beaucoup bucks from our enemies) about her teams decision to use private email accounts during her time as Secretary of State. The depth and breadth of this scandal is still playing out but one thing is for sure – this is a big bump in the road for the Clinton 2016 campaign. Our federally elected officials and the officials working various departments within the federal Read more […]

Obama Administration says 2014 was Worst Year Ever for Global Terrorism but Obama Spokesman says World is Safer than Ever?

In the world of ridiculously stupid statements the Obama administration representatives have said… Many. However, this weekend they happened to double-up on the Stupid. Recently Secretary of State John Kerry made the audacious (and completely inane) claim that the world is safer today than ever before. The comments immediately created blowback and the administration was then forced to defend them… which they didn’t do a great job doing. Josh Earnest tried to defend Kerry’s statement by saying Read more […]

Reporters Laugh at White House Spokesman when He says that 6 Years Isn’t Long Enough to Review the Keystone XL Pipeline

When the White House press corps is laughing at your answer – you know the answer probably wasn’t very good. In an interesting Q and A with White House reporters, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest isn’t even trying to hide the fact that his answer is ridiculous. He knows it is, and the reporters covering the White House know it is. The State Department (and other government agencies have had 6+ years to analyze the effects of the Keystone Pipeline and they still haven’t accomplished their task. Read more […]

Canada Is Doing What US Won’t With International Security Threats

In contrast with some recent American fumbles in addressing security threats abroad, Canada has been speaking frankly to today’s international villains in words and deeds. When it became clear that Vladimir Putin had no intention of observing last weekend’s ceasefire in Ukraine, the White House’s Josh Earnest warned that the Russians had “not lived up to their commitments.” Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, on the other hand, demanded an end to “the Putin regime’s ongoing military aggression.” And Read more […]

Obama Administration Hypocrisy – Focuses on Religion for UNC Murders but Not for Murder of Egyptian Christians!

Fox News reporter Ed Henry noticed an important moment of Obama Hypocrisy this past week when the administration chose to invoke religion when discussing the murder of three Muslim UNC students, but not to mention religion when ISIS murdered 21 Egyptian Christians a few days later. While normally we might just let something like this go as an accident or oversight, in this case, we can’t. This is just another example of the semantic word games that the Obama administration (and to a lesser extent, Read more […]

White House Press Secretary Forced to Admit that Obama Lied!

President Obama loves to say things that aren’t true. We know this. He often makes “facts” up out of thin air, only to have those “facts” be mindlessly repeated on the liberal airwaves. Eventually some hack at MSNBC or the Huffington Post will opine about how while Obama may have made “inartful” comments what he said was “basically” right… it’s maddening. For example, let’s take this little gem of a lie that he made up on the fly (I assume) during a speech he was giving in Philadelphia. “There Read more […]

A New Poll Has Revealed Where Americans Stand On Closing Guantanamo

President Obama is accelerating plans to close down Guantanamo Bay, but a poll from Rasmussen Reports indicates that voters are none too pleased about Obama’s goal. In a survey conducted from Jan. 15-16 of 800 likely voters, Rasmussen Reports found that 53 percent of respondents do not approve of the plan to close Guantanamo Bay, and only 29 percent support Obama’s aggressive moves. Nineteen percent of the respondents are still undecided. While the 29 percent approval actually represents an increase Read more […]

Conservative Bashes Obama – “There is No Real Care in this Administration for Human Rights”

Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer was on Fox News with Bret Baier when he attacked the Obama administration as uncaring about human rights abroad.     Charles Krauthammer: It was hollow from the very beginning. There is no real care in this administration for human rights abroad. Obviously, they have no great interest in these prisoners, it was a throw-in at the end of the deal. They had none for the revolution in Iran in 2009. They have none for Russian dissidents who Read more […]

White House Hiding Photos Taken Night Of Benghazi Attack

I don’t think the White House photographer has access to Obama’s bed chambers, or Reggie Love’s, for that matter. Obama needed his rest for his big Vegas fundraiser the next day. Now that intrepid journalists are asking these questions publicly, I am sure somewhere in the bowels of the White House, some Hollywood hack or liberal trust fund baby is working on a first class photoshop as we speak. “Sharyl Attkisson: White House Hiding Photos Taken Night Of Benghazi Attack [VIDEO],” Daily Caller, December Read more […]