Iranian Deal to Move Forward in Face of Questionable Activity

You know that one person that you wanted to trust, but knew you could not?  That boy/girlfriend, cousin, sibling who constantly wanted you to believe them.  They would do any and everything to gain your trust except tell the truth.  For us, it is Iran.  And unlike those people in our past, they want our trust in order to destroy us. After years of tension with the West, Iran may be close to getting back to normal. Though there have been reports of hidden missiles and the capture and detention Read more […]

Iran Reveals Another Reason the Obama Administration’s Nuke Deal was a Pig in a Poke

I know people who absolutely hate surprises. When they do not know what they are getting into, they would rather just walk away. If they feel that they are dealing with others they cannot trust, no matter the potential upside, they want no part of it. And that is exactly what should have happened with Iran. The Washington Times reports Iran’s leaders on Tuesday revealed the existence of a previously undisclosed weapons bunker stocked with ballistic missiles, adding to President Obama’s diplomatic Read more […]

Lawmakers on both side of the Aisle Warn that Delay on Iranian Sanctions Bad Decision

It has been one of the things that the critics of the administration have said more than any other. The constant delaying in taking action by the President. The seeming indecision in the face of a crisis that has plagued Obama and his staff throughout both terms of his presidency has been a target for those opposed to his policies. And once again, we see this ugly trait raise its head. The Washington Times reports The White House has delayed a decision on whether to impose sanctions on Iranian Read more […]

Iranians Menace Gigantic US Carrier With Tiny Rocket

An Iranian rocket was fired within 1,500 yards of an American aircraft carrier last week, U.S. defense officials confirmed Tuesday. The stunt is the latest sign of tough relations between the U.S. and the Islamic regime in Iran. The USS Harry S. Truman is currently stationed in the Persian Gulf, where it is supporting the American effort against Islamic State. Last week, while passing through the Strait of Hormuz, which connects the Gulf with the Arabian Sea, the ship encountered a naval contingent Read more […]

US Taxpayers To Pay Iran’s Compensation To Hostage Crisis Victims

A fund of over $1 billion has been created for the U.S. embassy personnel taken hostage by Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, but it is the U.S. taxpayer, not Iran, who will be paying for it. The new fund, known as the “United States Victims of State Sponsors of Terrorism Fund,” was an addition to the omnibus bill put forward by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama Dec. 28. As much as $4.4 million could go to each of the 52 Americans held by Iran, with another $600,000 Read more […]

Debates Prove that Christians have no Middle Ground, we can Love Only One Master

No one doubted that the issue would come up and that all would seek to use the issue to their advantage.  We already knew what the main players thought on the issue.  Carson, Trump, and Fiorina have all weighed in on the issue.  But, at the debate last night, Jindal brought the subject to the fore and baited many of his lower tier opponents into showing America where they stand. The problem is that this has shown us that there is no place for Christians in politics.  In our country, there Read more […]

Senate Debates Iran Deal as North Korea Defies Nuclear Sanctions

When it comes to one nation or a group of nations dictating state policy to another nation, I have mixed feelings.  I know that at first it might sound a little crazy to say, but hear me out.  Who exactly do we think we are to tell another country that they can or cannot develop or produce nuclear weapons?  And I do not think there is an American, who would not rage against the idea of another country dictating to us what we are allowed to do.  So, when I think of all the other things that need Read more […]

Rules Committee Takes On Iran Nuclear Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following a month-long recess in August, members of the House Committee on Rules gathered to discuss the terms of debate on the politically polarizing Iran Nuclear Deal. The committee established there will be 11 hours of debate split between the Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Government Reform, Judiciary, Ways and Means and Financial Services Committees over the course of the next three days. Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ed Royce, introduced the disapproval Read more […]

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Holding Rally to Stop the Iran Deal Today!

Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are joining forces today at 1pm in Washington, D.C. in their continued efforts to stop the horrible Iran Deal. Joining the two GOP Presidential candidates will be Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and other leaders. Tomorrow in DC: 1 PM West Front Lawn of the Capitol. Not even believable that we would do this deal with Iran.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 8, 2015 TOMORROW at 1 pm: Join @realDonaldTrump, @SarahPalinUSA, Read more […]

Will Obama get the Votes Needed to Approve the Iran Deal, and does it even Matter

We have heard about this for months.  Ever since the administration announced that they had finally come to terms with Iran, there has been the threat to vote down the deal.  Many on both sides of the isle has expressed their displeasure and deep concerns about the Iranian deal.  Many even within the President’s party has vocally opposed the deal and sworn to vote against its passage in Congress.  But will the vote mean anything? The Washington Times is reporting  Even strong bipartisan Read more […]

Two More Democrats to Vote against Iran Deal

The Iran Nuclear Deal has most people concerned.  It is a deal that cannot really be inspected and most who have any knowledge of history sees as a bad example of negotiations.  And though the White House and the State Department have moved internationally as though the deal was done, the thing has not even been approved by Congress.  And it looks more likely that it will fail to do just that. Fox reports Two more Democratic defections over the Iran nuclear deal have exposed deep divisions Read more […]

Obama’s Legacy: Jihadis with Nukes

With the release of some (not all) of the spine-chilling details of Barack Obama’s nuclear program “deal” with the bloodthirsty Iranian mullahs, the overwhelming deluge of bad news just keeps coming. This unending stream of bad news should keep every rational and freedom-loving human being up at night. Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren revealed that sanctions relief will give $700 billion to the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. The sanctions contained this monster. Even Obama admitted: Read more […]

Obama Going around Congress and Straight to the U.N.: Showing His Open Disdain for Our System of Government

In many different ways and in open comments, our President has shown he has no respect for our system of government.  With his statements about the fundamental mistakes of our founders, to his overreach on executive orders, the President continues to thumb his nose at our the Republic and her laws.  But now, on his Iranian deal, he might have gone too far. Fox reports The U.N. Security Council on Monday unanimously endorsed the Iran nuclear deal, though the show of support was interrupted shortly Read more […]

The Iran Deal is Still Terrible

The Iran deal continues to have a hard time finding defenders in America who don’t work for the Obama administration. Presidential candidates George Pataki (R-NY) and Chris Christie (R-NJ) were not so optimistic as Senator Feinstein with each calling the Iranian deal a “bad deal.” Pataki said that “This administration has an atrocious record on the Middle East… then you take a look at this deal itself. What does Iran get? Iran gets enormous economic relief. Iran gets the ability to Read more […]