GOP Rival calls Trump the “Prince of Darkness”!

Ohio Governor and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich (R-OH) recently called Donald Trump the “Prince of Darkness”! That would have been bad enough but Kasich didn’t stop there… he then doubled-down and called himself the “Prince of Light”! I think first of all, I have the experience and I’ve had success and I’ve been a reformer all lot my life. You can’t come from the [inaudible] rocks as you know Hugh, and not be a reformer, and I have a message – look, we have a lot of candidates Read more […]

Ted Cruz Gets Awesome – says “The Overwhelming Majority of Violent Criminals are Democrats”!

Ted Cruz was a guest on conservative Hugh Hewitt’s radio show when he dropped a spectacular truth bomb on Hewitt’s listeners. “Here’s the simple and undeniable fact: the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats. The media doesn’t report that.” The comment came after the conversation turned to the recent shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, and Cruz was simply pointing to the disgusting example of media bias that has members of the media actively hoping the Read more […]

Ted Cruz: It’s Time to Abolish the IRS

Senator (and presidential candidate) Ted Cruz (R-TX) was a guest on conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Monday to focus on some economic ideas that Hewitt said should have been the focus of the previous week’s CNBC presidential debate. Hewitt kicked things off by asking Senator Cruz about a recent op-ed he wrote in the Wall Street Journal advocating a 10% flat tax on ALL income. Cruz argued that to spur economic growth and job recovery the US needed to embrace tax reform, and, Read more […]

Whoa. Famed Watergate Investigator says Hillary Clinton is Just Like Richard Nixon!

The very famous investigative journalist and longtime Washington observer Bob Woodward made his name breaking the “Watergate” story and bringing an unceremonious end to the Nixon administration. Today he’s a semi-retired political pundit who weighs in from time to time on the important current events taking place in D.C. This past week he was a guest on Hugh Hewitt’s popular conservative talk radio show, where he made some waves when he compared Hillary Clinton to the infamous Richard Nixon! Hugh Read more […]

Officials Just Characterized The Fall Of Ramadi In Some Of The Most Chilling Terms

The recent fall of Ramadi has been cast in symbolic, strategic and often human terms. Recent comparisons, though, really strike into the gravity of armed combat. Sunni brigades of the Iraqi Army melted under an apparently withering assault from Islamic State fighters over this past weekend. The attack came as a sandstorm swept over the city, blocking air support. Then came the ISIS car bombs. Eric Schmitt of The New York Times reports that retreating Iraqi troops were visibly “physically Read more […]

Mitt Romney says the Clinton Foundation Scandal ‘Looks like Bribery’!

Ooooh. It looks like Mitt Romney is showing a bit more life than he did back when he was campaigning for President. Maybe this will be a good role for him over the next year and a half – traveling the country and attacking Democrat weaknesses for whoever the eventual GOP candidate is. In that way the GOP candidate can keep his or her hands as clean as possible from the trench warfare that is a Presidential campaign. Who knows? But it is nice to hear a nationally prominent member of the Republican Read more […]

Harry Reid is an “Absolutely Poisonous Figure” and a “Disaster for the Country”

As we get closer to the official date of Harry Reid’s retirement, it seems that more and more people are opening up about just how despicable the man really is. (And folks, he is really despicable.) While many Congressional leaders are lauded with parties, parades and long speeches filled with praise – it is very likely that when Reid finally leaves the hallowed halls in DC it will be dead silent, because no one will have remained behind to say goodbye. Fox News personality and former White Read more […]

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign will be Like “Weekend at Bernie’s”!

Popular conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt was a guest of NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press when he delivered what may be the best line thus far of the 2016 election season. It’s actually like a Weekend At Bernie’s moment. I think that they’re afraid that they have a candidate that they have to prop up from now until November of ’16.  Todd had just had the mayor of New York City on, who had said that there was no reason to vet Hillary Clinton because she had clearly Read more […]

MSNBC Host says Hillary Clinton “Has a Glass Jaw,” Doesn’t Think She’ll be the Next President

Wow! Startling news out of MSNBC (though admittedly less startling since it’s coming from one of the networks few Republicans), but one of their most popular pundits, Joe Scarborough, does not believe that Hillary Clinton will be our next President! Joe was on the Hugh Hewitt radio show discussing Hillary’s email scandal and her chances in the upcoming primaries and general election, when Scarborough laid it all out on the line. He told Hewitt that he just didn’t think that Hillary had what Read more […]

Marco Rubio says He Would Kill Obama’s Iran Deal – If He is Elected President

Ah, Marco… always thinking ahead, aren’t we? Senator Marco Rubio is a much discussed GOP contender to be the next President of United States come 2016. He faces a bit of an uphill climb with conservatives because of his miscalculation on comprehensive immigration reform a few years back. But with mainline Republican voters and your average conservative for that matter, Rubio is as good a candidate any. So when you hear him say things like what he recently told conservative radio host Hugh Read more […]