Migrants have Opposite Effects than What Left Predicted

Europe has been hopelessly liberal for years. And with the influx of different people from different cultures, the Leftists thought that they would see the Utopian Multicultural dream they had longed for so long. Many expected an era where people from across Europe and the world would work, live, and prosper. Where the East and West would finally shake hands as both sides set their culture, history, religion, and interests down and live in peace with one another. As you know, this has not happened. Read more […]

German Women Face the Brunt of Islamophile Policies of their Government

Many in Europe have known for a while the tactics of Islamists. They have seen the lawless parades denouncing Western law and society. And worse of all they have faced the violence. The gangs of young men, roaming their streets and raping hapless women are nothing new in Europe. As I reported, the latest country to face such violence is Germany. On New Year’s Eve, Gangs of Islamic rapists flooded most major German cities. Many women were surrounded and groped, and many were actually raped. This Read more […]

Migrant Islamic Rape Gangs Attack German Women on New Year’s Eve

There is a long history of Muslims using rape as a weapon. It is not unusual for Muslim men to mistreat women who are not Islamic. This raping of the women is a point of shame to the men and in their minds makes the women useless to their enemies. Though this is a well-documented practice, the Left have long sought to cover up or outright deny the truth. And even as the rise of Islamic rape gangs have followed the migration of Muslims, the left has been silent. Now, with the large influx of Muslim Read more […]

Are you Surprised that Merkel is Times Person of the Year?

When we look at the things the Left in America are trying to get our country to do in many areas, a pattern emerges. There is the issue with the illegal immigrants. The Left wants to virtually open our border with Mexico. The Left also wishes to have us accept Syrian refugees, forgetting the fact that there is no real way to vet them. The Left wants us to continue to bail out irresponsible businesses and banks. This is the Left seeking to make us into Europe. So, it should not be surprise that Read more […]

Things Heat up Between EU Members Austria and Germany over Migrants

There has long been a sense of peace and cooperation between the major members of the EU.  The members had long since put away such things as passports and border guards.  But now that the many conflicts in Muslim countries have displaced millions and causes a sharp rise in migrants from those countries, there has been much finger-pointing.  And even among those who claim to wish well the migrants coming into or passing through their territories. Fox reports Germany’s top security official Read more […]

German Pastor Calls Migrants Predatory Hordes

With what seems like a never-ending supply, Migrants from the Middle East and North Africa continue to stream into the EU.  With Hungary closing the direct route to Germany, the migrants are streaming into eastern countries.  Slovenia and Croatia are struggling to manage the thousands that are entering them every day. Breitbart reports The tiny nation of Slovenia has received 60,000 Middle Eastern and North African migrants in the past week. Thousands remain stranded near the Austrian border, Read more […]

German City Seizes Private Property To House Refugees

Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law that allows the government to seize empty commercial properties to house refugees. The new law, which takes effect next week and will dissolve in March 2017, is a desperate solution to house the hundreds of refugees that arrive each day. The city has run out of out space for its 30,000 refugees and asylum seekers, and the law states that the government now has the right to take over commercial spaces and convert them into migrant housing temporarily Read more […]

‘Culture Of Rape’ Taking Hold In Refugee Camps

Men are allegedly raping women and children in European refugee camps, seeing them as “fair game” because they’re unaccompanied, women’s rights groups allege. Activist groups and politicians are alleging a “culture of rape and violence” is taking hold at refugee centers, reported The Daily Mail. Activists claim some men think unaccompanied women are “fair game,” and “blamed conditions in which occupants were unsegregated by gender or nationality.” (RELATED: Pope Francis Read more […]

Saudi Arabia Seeking to Build 200 Mosques in Germany

One has said that a person seeking justice should expect to give justice.  It is this basic understanding of fairness that most people appeal to when we look at peoples’ action.  Do we give the same treatment to others that we ask or expect from them?  For many, it is an issue of hypocrisy.  So, when one group demands universal acceptance but accepts no one else, people begin to think of the apparent hypocrisy.  This is happening with Saudi Arabia. Breitbart reports The Saudi government Read more […]

Rules Committee Takes On Iran Nuclear Agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following a month-long recess in August, members of the House Committee on Rules gathered to discuss the terms of debate on the politically polarizing Iran Nuclear Deal. The committee established there will be 11 hours of debate split between the Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Government Reform, Judiciary, Ways and Means and Financial Services Committees over the course of the next three days. Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ed Royce, introduced the disapproval Read more […]

Migrant Crisis in EU Could Stress Relations as Borders are Once Again Closed

One of the dearest values in Europe is the lack of passports.  Many would be appalled by the idea that there would be armed soldiers guarding and inspecting travelers as they passed from one EU country to the next.  Just as it is in America, if you remain in the EU, you can move freely from state to state.  But this is now coming under threat. Fox reports Hungary suspended all rail traffic Tuesday from its main terminal in Budapest and cleared the train station of hundreds of migrants trying Read more […]

Is Germany’s ‘Green’ Revolution Running Out Of Money?

It wasn’t long ago that President Barack Obama was pointing to Germany as an example of how the U.S. should develop green energy, but that was before news that Europe’s biggest economy might be running out of money for its green energy revolution. Germany’s $412 billion plan to power itself with green energy may be running low on cash, according to a new report by financial consultants, as consumer energy prices skyrocket and traditional power plants require more subsidies to stay in business. “The Read more […]

Arms to Ukraine Could Come From U.S. Sooner than Later, Possibly through U.A.E.

As we have reported several times, the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko is begging America and her western allies from NATO to assist in his countries rearming efforts. To this point, the answer has been a resounding no, from NATO. They know that such an action would only escalate Russian involvement. Well, with rumors of war again rising from Ukraine, the pressure is on the west to act. Reuters reports The second-highest ranking U.S. diplomat warned on Friday that pressure to arm Ukraine Read more […]