Jeb Bush REALLY Loves His Dad

I have nothing against anyone expressing their love for their family, especially their parents. However, Jeb Bush may have gone a bit overboard on Sunday while expressing just how much he loves his dad to NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. I love my dad. I’d kill for him. I’d go to prison for him because, I love him so much. Thankfully I haven’t had the need to do that.  Um, that’s really cool Jeb, but… that might not be the kind of thing Americans are looking for in a presidential Read more […]

Trey Gowdy tells the Media: Hillary’s Sidney Blumenthal Connection is Important

NBC’s Chuck Todd host of Meet the Press tries to corner House Committee on Benghazi chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Sidney Blumenthal and Benghazi. However, Gowdy expertly redirects Todd to focus on the real issues from the interview – like why was Sidney Blumenthal able to communicate directly with Clinton on Libya… but Ambassador Chris Stevens was never able to reach her? Chuck Todd: Let me ask you, we did a little calculation here on the number of words that you used during the hearing. Read more […]

Bernie Sanders says He’s Not a Capitalist – He’s a Democratic Socialist!

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was a guest on NBC’s Meet the Press this past Sunday where he had a wide-ranging interview with host, Chuck Todd. Everything he said was entirely distressing, but the most disturbing part of the interview may have come when Todd engaged Sanders on his economic beliefs. Todd asked Sanders if he was a capitalist, to which Sanders replied, “No.” Sanders continued to say that instead he was “a Democratic Socialist”. Chuck Todd: I hear you. And then the other day Read more […]

Donald Trump says “We’re Destroying our Country Spending Trillions in the Mideast”

On Sunday, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump sat down with NBC’s Chuck Todd for an interview on Meet the Press. During their time together they discussed the presidential campaign, our problems in the Middle East, and Vladimir Putin. Trump outlined a view that offers a stark contrast to the Obama administration, but also one that is quite different from the mainstream GOP establishment perspective on the conflict in the Middle East. CHUCK TODD: You came across to me as if you welcomed Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Continues to Make Light of Her Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton made a Sunday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd where she continued to make light of the email scandal that is currently consuming her campaign for President. Over the last couple of days more damning evidence has come out implicating Hillary Clinton (and her subordinates) in a devious crime against our nation. With the evidence mounting and the excuses proving to be… weak… it’s simply amazing that Clinton would continue to pretend that her self-created Read more […]

Clinton Excuses Bad Behavior by Saying People Didn’t Care About it Before

Hillary Clinton is a piece of work. Seriously. The Democrat presidential frontrunner was a guest on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday when she was forced to talk about a few things she probably would prefer to never hear about again. Specifically, Todd wanted to focus in on the email scandal that the Clinton campaign has been embroiled in, but to a larger point they discussed the many (MANY) scandals that Hillary and her husband former President Bill Clinton have been connected Read more […]

FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton is making Voters Take Notice

The Hillary Clinton campaign continues to make light of the investigation against her in regards to her private email server and the mishandling of classified documents, but they may not be able to treat the situation so lightly for long. Now Congress and the FBI are investigating and things should be getting serious very quickly. The FBI unit and the federal prosecutors assigned to investigate are insulated from political retaliation, and they will most certainly keep digging until they find the Read more […]

Donald Trump Explains His Ideas, Plans and Political Philosophies

Over the weekend NBC aired Chuck Todd’s recent interview with GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The two men discussed a wide variety of topics including illegal immigration, Ronald Reagan, tax policy, abortion, ISIS, Hillary Clinton, Iran and more. It’s a very interesting discussion and we’ve got I all for you here. On Illegal Immigration: DONALD TRUMP: Chuck. No, no. We’re going to keep the families together. We have to keep the families together. CHUCK TODD: But you’re Read more […]

To Run or Not to Run: Will Joe Biden Jump In?

For months Democrat activists have been begging someone, anyone, to jump into the Democrat race for President and to offer them a “viable” alternative to Hillary Clinton. Thus far they’ve gotten Bernie Sanders (a committed socialist), Martin O’Malley (a disaster of a Governor from Maryland), Jim Webb (too conservative for the Democrat base), Lincoln Chafee (no one cares); but none of these candidates are anything close to “viable.” Which is why Joe Biden’s name keeps popping up. Sure, Read more […]

Chris Matthews Explains the Difference between Democrats and Socialists

This past week Democrat Party leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who runs the Democratic National Committee) was on MSNBC for a friendly conversation when Hardball host Chris Matthews stumped her with what should have been a softball question; “What’s the difference between Democrats and Socialists?” Wasserman Schultz had no response and ended up instead discussing the differences between Democrats and Republicans. On Sunday NBC’s Chuck Todd tried to work an answer out of Wasserman Schultz Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Lost the “High Ground” When She Refused to Hand Over Email Severs

NBC’s Chuck Todd has some hard words for the Hillary Clinton campaign as he lays the blame for their difficulties at their own feet. No, I think they blew it when they didn’t turn over the server immediately. I mean, I think this one of those things that they could have, they could have — instead of saying, ‘Well, the State Department, it’s up to the State Department to release the e-mails’ and all that, I think that they lost any high ground they could have had by being pro-active Read more […]

Shocking New Polls Show that Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Continues to Tumble!

A shocking new poll from the respected pollsters at Quinnipiac University has the Democrat Party quaking in their boots and the liberal media speechless with mouths agape. Literally. The folks on MSNBC’s Morning Joe debuted the polling data for their viewers on Wednesday morning and to say that the liberal panel was stunned would be a major understatement. Opening the segment by discussing how the Q-poll shows that Donald Trump is severely unpopular in the battleground states of Iowa, Colorado Read more […]

Is Your Candidate an “Iowa or Bust” Candidate or a “New Hampshire or Bust” Candidate?

This past Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press Chuck Todd divided all of the declared GOP candidates into three different groups; “Iowa or Bust,” “New Hampshire or Bust” or “Crossover.” In the New Hampshire column are the moderate candidates hoping to win in the Granite State and earn some momentum early. These candidates include Chris Christie (R-NJ), John Kasich (R-OH), George Pataki (R-NY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Jeb Bush (R-FL). In the Iowa column are the conservative candidates who Read more […]

NBC’s Chuck Todd says Rick Santorum Best Represents Republicans

But if you look at today’s Republican Party, who makes up of it, the rank and file. I think Rick Santorum better represents them than anybody else. Better represents this new working class Republican voter.              – Chuck Todd My assumption here is that Chuck Todd is speaking about the Republican Party as a whole – left to right, top to bottom, grassroots to establishment, conservative to RINO. I kind of get his point. Santorum is a social conservative, who happens to believe Read more […]