Chris Christie Refuses to Say He ‘Stands with the NRA’

  So, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sat down with CBS’ John Dickerson over the weekend when Dickerson pushed on the one issue that Christie was most hoping to avoid. Guns. Dickerson found Christie’s weak point and pressed, causing the Governor some discomfort. When Dickerson wondered why Christie had distanced himself from the NRA and 2nd Amendment supporting Americans, Christie demurred. “I’ve learned about this over time. In New Jersey, I have grown up in a culture Read more […]

Hypocrite? Chris Christie calls President Obama a Petulant Child on Gun Control, Even though New Jersey has Draconian Gun Laws Too!

  I’m with anyone who wants to bash President Obama for deciding to act like an emperor instead of a president and “going it alone” on gun control. Obama is pathologically self-absorbed and seems to believe that he alone understands what is best for everyone else, no matter what their opinions on the issue might be. On gun control Obama has shown himself to truly believe that he has the powers of some tin pot dictator from a 3rd world banana republic. He recently announced that he would Read more […]

Another GOP Candidate Drops Out

Former Governor of New York, George Pataki (R-NY) has decided to end his Quixotic campaign for the White House after failing to gain any traction with American voters. He delivered a heartfelt adieu earlier this week, and he argued that while he was leaving the race, he was sure that at the end of the day the GOP and the American people would elect the right person to be the next President. “If we’re truly going to make America great again, we need to elect a president who will do three things. Read more […]

Donald Trump Rambles and Rants in Epic Tirade Against a New Hampshire Newspaper

  Be prepared to hear and see one of the most epic (and perhaps tragic) rants of all time. If you can’t tell from the following video, Trump is not happy with the New Hampshire Union Leader’s decision to endorse Chris Christie over him. “You have a very dishonest newspaper up here. It’s also a failing newspaper – it’s really going down the tubers. I remember when this was a big paper. Look at the size of this thing, it’s so thin. If they cut any more out of it you won’t be able Read more […]

Who Won the GOP Debate? Early Indications are…

So there seem to be a couple of different takes on the Las Vegas debate that are predominating in the media. The first has Ted Cruz as a clear victor (this one seems to be mainly on conservative sites), the next has Chris Christie as the winner (this seems to be mostly in the left-leaning media, and the third says last night’s debate didn’t matter. However, it’s probably some mixture of these three responses that is most accurate. If Chris Christie (R-NJ) won, it probably won’t make much Read more […]

Chris Christie – Obama “Focused on Wrong Climate Change”

Chris Christie was a guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe where he discussed his run for the White House, our nation’s war on terrorism, and President Obama’s visit to Paris to deal with “Climate Change.” The president is focused on the wrong climate change. The climate change that we need is the climate change in this country. You know the climate right now between people and their government is just poisonous. The climate right now between the races is as bad as it’s been in the last eight Read more […]

Republican and Democrat Leaders Join to Criticize the Obama Administration

Over the weekend several high-ranking and influential Republicans and Democrats went on the important national media shows to criticize the Obama administration’s misguided foreign policy plans. Chris Christie told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Obama had “no credibility” when it came to ISIS. In fact, Christie said that Obama is “often wrong, never in doubt” on ISIS! ISIS doesn’t seem to be concerned about civilian casualties, Jake. We need to get real and bring our allies together Read more […]

Chris Christie says the “Lawlessness and Divisiveness” in America Today is Obama’s Fault!

New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie (R-NJ) sat down with Fox News’ Greta van Susteren on her show On the Record to discuss his campaign and the cultural malaise that seems to be descending on our country, particularly on college campuses. Christie told the Fox News host and her viewers that, from his perspective, the blame for all of the divisiveness and lawlessness that is rearing its head around the country lay squarely at the feet of President Obama. The president Read more […]

The Debate You Didn’t See – The 2nd Tier Candidates on the Economy

On Tuesday during prime time you may have enjoyed the fireworks on Fox Business as the top tier of GOP presidential candidates took turns laying out their vision of America’s economic future. However, you may have missed the earlier debate featuring the lower polling GOP candidates, namely Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. That debate also had some good moments, particularly for Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal, and is well worth your Read more […]

Chris Christie Calls Obama a Radical Environmental Liberal!

New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie (R-NJ) was a guest of Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday to discuss the ins and outs of the campaign and where he currently stands. One interesting segment of the interview (comes around the 8 minute mark) has Governor Christie taking some big swings at President Obama and criticizing the president’s failed leadership on foreign policy, environmental policy and on energy issues. Christie went so far as to call Obama a “radical environmental Read more […]

Ted Cruz Rips the Liberal Media During CNBC Debate!

The GOP presidential debate on CNBC had some explosive moments but most of them were between the candidates and the moderators – which is not ideal in a debate. Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Dr. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio all went toe to toe with the moderators and the mainstream media. It was Cruz’s which packed the most punch though… John Harwood: “Congressional Republicans, Democrats and the White House are about to strike a compromise that would raise the debt limit, prevent a government Read more […]

Oh. Snap. Chris Christie Calls Obama a “Weakling”!

New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie (R-NJ) appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss his continuing campaign and the President’s weak efforts in the Middle East. The conversation was more than cordial as there is some obvious and genuine affection between the centrist New Jersey Governor and the liberals on MSNBC, but there was a very interesting exchange on the topic of Obama’s foreign policy and President Obama’s weak-kneed foreign policy. Christie blamed Read more […]

CNN Tries To Start A Debate Battle Over Global Warming – Fails

CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to highlight the differences between Republican presidential candidates over the issue of manmade global warming last night, but his debate plan to get candidates to go head-to-head on climate failed. After invoking the name of George Schultz, President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state, Tapper asked Florida Sen. Marco Rubio why he disagreed with the Reaganite over global warming. Rubio responded that “we’re not going to destroy our economy the way the left-wing Read more […]

Mike Huckabee Meets with Kim Davis, Volunteers to Go to Jail in Her Place

“If somebody needs to go to jail, I am willing to go in her place and I mean that. I am tired of watching people being just harassed because they believe something of their faith and we cannot criminalize the Christian faith or any faith in this country and I pray that there will be remedies that do not involve putting someone in jail for their convictions.”            — Mike Huckabee (R-AR)   Governor Mike Huckabee likely won back a few voters earlier this week and reminded Read more […]