New Private School in Atlanta for Homosexual Children to Open Next Year

I have always seen things a little different that many of my fellow Baptists. While many of the SBC has been screaming for prayer in State Schools, I have been screaming for the closing of State Schools. I have nothing against those who teach and/or use the State School. Many see it as the only real option. But, I do not think that it is the States job to¬†educate our children. Rather, I would have us all use private and homeschooling. This would do several things. It would drive the cost of education Read more […]

Atlanta Teachers Convicted of Falsifying Grades to receive Bonuses

I have never been a fan of public, state run schools. I hated them when my parents and the state compelled my attendance, and I did not think much more of them as a parent forcing my child to attend in my turn. Well, thanks to faithful preaching and some independent research I came to the conclusion that my child had to be removed from this environment. This is not to say that every teacher in public schools is wicked unbelievers. But, I do contend, the things they are forced to teach and the context Read more […]