Stricter Gun Regulations Punish the Law-abiding

Does it not always seem to be the way things go: those who are doing what they should, pay because others do not? And this appears to be the idea behind the President’s new gun restrictions. Forget for a moment that this is illegal and will not remain law if there is a Republican in the White House after this year. But, focus instead on what it claims to be doing to stop gun violence. Fox reports “Everybody should have to abide by the same rules,” Obama said. The president, speaking at the White Read more […]

California Will Have Legal Power to Take Firearms Without Hearing from Owner

Many have advocated some sort of gun law or change in legislation that would stop the mass shootings that have become common place in our country. They have said that there should be a way that the state could intervene in some of these cases. This intervention would be lifesaving to the victims. California feels that it has the answer. Breitbart reports Beginning January 1, police in California may confiscate firearms from gun owners thought to be a danger to themselves or others without giving Read more […]

California Shooters May Have Radical Islamic Links

Though there is still no real clear facts on the reason behind the mass shooting in San Bernardino Yesterday, there is beginning to be some speculation. It was first believed to be strictly work related. This would have made the most sense, being that the people targeted were coworkers of the shooter. But then there is the Islamic link. Now we are left to wonder what this couple was seeking to accomplish. The New York Times reports While investigators were still searching for a motive, a picture Read more […]