Moore Orders Alabama Judges to Cease Issuing Sodomite Marriage License

Roy Moore is no stranger to the news, especially when it comes to the legal battles of Christians. Moore is most famous for his stand on a Ten Commandment monument. He has once again taken up the fight against sodomite unions in Alabama. The Huffington Post reports The chief justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court issued an administrative order on Wednesday barring state judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses, in contravention of the broadly accepted meaning of a June 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Read more […]

Utah has succeeded where others have Failed to Defund Planned Parenthood

Several months ago, there was a feeling that there was finally going to be something done about Planned Parenthood. When the videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the effect seemed disastrous for the murder factory. Much of the country was in shock at the cold manner the video revealed these people had over the mutilation and sale of baby parts. Many who had become numb to the murder industry were waking up, and our politicians promised a shutdown of Planned Parenthood. Now, Read more […]

Bentley Shows Himself a Coward once Again as He is again Partners with Planned Parenthood

It would be an easy thing for us to sit back and criticize politicians. We are not faced with the pressures that they have to face. They have to deal with a plethora of views on many complicated and technical issues. They have blacks, whites, males and females to keep happy. But when someone whiffs on a clear cut issue, then it should be readily apparent when the politician is simply giving up. This is once again happening in Alabama. Christian News reports The churchgoing governor of Alabama Read more […]

Federal Court Once again Reminds Us that there are No State-Rights

For many years, there has been this idea that the states have been bribed into giving away the rights that are naturally theirs. The powers not delineated in the Constitution explicitly belong to the states. Yet, the states have been handing these rights over to the Federal Government in order to continue the flow of Federal money. Road and education funding has been the hook the Feds have used to control the states. But that day is coming to an end. The powerful central government in Washington Read more […]

Alabama Supreme Court: We Don’t Have To Recognize Lesbian Adoption

Alabama’s Supreme Court refused to recognize a lesbian woman’s adoption Friday, drawing criticism from gay rights activists and raising questions about the future of same-sex adoptions. The case centered around a lesbian couple who shared custody of three children but later split up. One of them gave birth to the children with the help of a sperm donor, and her partner later adopted the children while living in Georgia, so they could both be the official, legal parents. The biological mother, Read more […]

Alabama Republicans Kill Effort To Scrap Marriage Licenses Ahead Of Supreme Court Ruling

An Alabama bill designed to outmaneuver a possible Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex “marriage” by scrapping marriage licenses died quickly in the state House this week after sailing through the Senate. The bill would do away with marriage licenses altogether, and instead require those “legally authorized to be married” to simply sign a legal contract witnessed by a clergy member, lawyer or notary public. “My goal is to remove the state out of the lives of people,” the bill’s sponsor, Read more […]

Alabama Still Battling Feds Over Redefining Marriage

A federal judge again ordered Alabama judges Thursday to start issuing same-sex “marriage” certificates, because some judges continue to refuse same-sex couples. U.S. District Judge Callie Granade ruled the state’s constitutional and legal bans on same-sex “marriage” unconstitutional in January. But Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has repeatedly declared that the state only answers to the Supreme Court, and ordered state judges not to recognize Granade’s ruling. She gave Alabama until this week Read more […]

Supreme Court Punts: Alabama Judges Begin Issuing Sodomite “Marriage” Certificates

Alabama judges began issuing same-sex “marriage” certificates Monday, after the U.S. Supreme Court said it would not stop the “marriages.” U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade ruled Alabama’s legal and constitutional same-sex “marriage” bans unconstitutional in January, and ordered the state to begin recognizing same-sex “marriages” Feb. 8. Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange asked for a hold on Granade’s rulings until the final Supreme Court ruling. Early Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Granade’s deadline, Read more […]

Roy Moore Decries Tyranny of Federal Government, Calls on Governor to Resist Court Ruling

In almost every state in the Union there has been an effort to stop the legalization of Sodomite Unions. There have been referendum votes, amendments to state constitutions, and other measures. These laws and amendments are now being cut down by liberal district judges. These judges, not using the Constitution, but a false since of social justice, are usurping both the law and the will of the people. In essence, they have begun to speak law in fiat, to make lawful what is unlawful. And finally Read more […]