Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

It was only a matter of time before the largest abortion provider would fight back. They, for whatever reason, had taken little action to stave off the public attacks leveled against them. The attacks had come as videos were released, showing employees seeking to sell baby parts. It may be that the abortion giant was waiting on the fallout, before attempting to fight back. It might have sensed that popular opinion was against them. It is just as likely that Planned Parenthood wanted to ensure Read more […]

Kansas to Defund Planned Parenthood

There has been much made about state funding of Planned Parenthood. There are those who have come out in favor of cutting all funding. Many of these states have found themselves in the middle of lawsuits. Several states have been told that they do not have the authority to make such cuts to Medicaid. But another state has stepped up to take on the giant murder factory. Christian News reports During his State of the State address on Tuesday, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback announced that he has ordered Read more […]

Texas playing Hardball with Planned Parenthood

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again. This old moto is one that has been used for over a century to encourage children, especially those seeking to better themselves not to give up on their dreams. This may well be the moto taken up by the state of Texas. As I reported, Texas lost its case against Planned Parenthood. The state had attempted to defund the abortion agency of Medicaid funding. But, a federal judge said that the state was not allowed to break the contract. Governor Abbott Read more […]

Utah has succeeded where others have Failed to Defund Planned Parenthood

Several months ago, there was a feeling that there was finally going to be something done about Planned Parenthood. When the videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the effect seemed disastrous for the murder factory. Much of the country was in shock at the cold manner the video revealed these people had over the mutilation and sale of baby parts. Many who had become numb to the murder industry were waking up, and our politicians promised a shutdown of Planned Parenthood. Now, Read more […]

The Omnibus Bill Shows that the Democrats still outnumber the Republicans in the House

I admit that part of me had been optimistic about the rise of Republicans in both the House and the Senate. I know that it was foolish of me to think that the Republicans would really get anything accomplished. But, part of me was hoping that they would get some of the things the Democrats had done repealed, and they would get some of the needed things accomplished. Things like balancing the budget, defunding murder clinics and stripping the massive unsustainable healthcare that was forced down our Read more […]

DC Elementary School Sues Anti-Abortion Protesters For Scaring Children

One of the district’s most sought after elementary schools had an abortion clinic move in next-door and now the school is suing protesters it says harass school children. Two Rivers Public Charter School has been forced to file suit against a group of anti-abortion protesters after they allegedly followed students down alleyways and told them “they kill kids next door,” The Washington Post reports. In the past, the protesters have allegedly crowded the school’s drop-off lane while students Read more […]

Is the Senate’s Repeal Bill Smoke and Mirrors for the Voter?

It is hard to tell anymore. When we see our political system at work, what is real and what is gamesmanship? What is meant to pass and what is set up for the benefit of public opinion? If they try and fail can we blame them? These are the questions that we face with the Senate’s passage of the “Repeal Bill.” Breitbart reports: The U.S. Senate approved a bill Thursday that would strip Obamacare of key tax-raising features and would also eliminate taxpayer-funding of abortion businesses, including Read more […]

Bentley Shows Himself a Coward once Again as He is again Partners with Planned Parenthood

It would be an easy thing for us to sit back and criticize politicians. We are not faced with the pressures that they have to face. They have to deal with a plethora of views on many complicated and technical issues. They have blacks, whites, males and females to keep happy. But when someone whiffs on a clear cut issue, then it should be readily apparent when the politician is simply giving up. This is once again happening in Alabama. Christian News reports The churchgoing governor of Alabama Read more […]

Oklahoma Moves to Strip Planned Parenthood of Funds

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin ordered the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to terminate contracts with two Planned Parenthood affiliates Thursday, citing billing problems. Fallin said she made the decision because of problems with the two affiliates overcharging Oklahoma residents for services by 20 percent and 14 percent. She pointed out that there are about 120 other health care options for Oklahoma residents. “Terminating the contracts with the two Planned Parenthood affiliates, Read more […]

Ohio Takes a Huge Step toward Defunding Planned Parenthood

There have been very few victories in the fight to shut down the murder factory that is Planned Parenthood. Governors have made executive orders, have fought in court and have been told that they do not have the right to stop payment or break the contract with the abortion giant. But it seems that Ohio now has the political will to do just that. Christian News reports The Ohio House of Representatives has voted to advance a bill that defunds the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, reallocating Read more […]

Wendy Davis Claims that the Murder of her Child was an Act of Love

When discussing the topic of abortion with people, there will almost always be an emotional response. Either you love the practice or you hate the practice, and there is seldom an in between position. So, most get incensed when they hear remarks like the ones made by former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis. Breitbart reports In an interview with Mic, Davis said, “I discovered that my daughter was suffering from an irreparable and non-life sustaining brain deformation or malformation, and it Read more […]

Supreme Court to take a Second Look at Abortion Pill Mandate

In many circles of Christendom, there are those who would say that there should be absolutely no overlap in religion and law. In our society, you can be as religious or non-religious as you like, but you most leave those views out of the law making process. When one enters law or legislature, one must be neutral. Only our Constitution can guide us in what is right. But, we see that this is an impossibility. As men without religious conviction make more and more of our laws, we find that the Christian Read more […]

Federal Court Once again Reminds Us that there are No State-Rights

For many years, there has been this idea that the states have been bribed into giving away the rights that are naturally theirs. The powers not delineated in the Constitution explicitly belong to the states. Yet, the states have been handing these rights over to the Federal Government in order to continue the flow of Federal money. Road and education funding has been the hook the Feds have used to control the states. But that day is coming to an end. The powerful central government in Washington Read more […]

As Louisiana Loses in Federal Court Texas Takes up the Fight

It seems that Planned Parenthood is much like the “Beast” in the Eagles’ famous song.  We just can’t seem to kill it, no matter what we try.  There has been little effort, thus little success at the Federal level.  Time and again the states have shut off the money they provide, just to have the Federal Courts tell them that they cannot do that.  Now, Texas has come to the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. Reuters reports Texas on Monday barred Planned Parenthood from receiving state Read more […]