Supreme Court Punts: Alabama Judges Begin Issuing Sodomite “Marriage” Certificates

Alabama judges began issuing same-sex “marriage” certificates Monday, after the U.S. Supreme Court said it would not stop the “marriages.”

U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade ruled Alabama’s legal and constitutional same-sex “marriage” bans unconstitutional in January, and ordered the state to begin recognizing same-sex “marriages” Feb. 8. Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange asked for a hold on Granade’s rulings until the final Supreme Court ruling.

Early Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Granade’s deadline, effectively ordering Alabama to begin issuing the certificates, reported The New York Times.

Judges began issuing the certificates Monday, in defiance of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Late Sunday, Moore ordered Alabama judges not to issue same-sex marriage certificates. (RELATED: Justice Roy Moore Decries Tyranny of Federal Government – Calls on Alabama Governor to Resist Court Ruling) 

The direct order was a follow-up to an earlier memo outlining his opinion that Alabama is not under the jurisdiction of any federal court, except the U.S. Supreme Court, and therefore urging Alabama judges not to uphold Granade’s ruling.

“While my disagreement with Judge Granade’s orders in the cases attacking Alabama marriage law has been criticized as ‘religious,’ ‘defiant,’ and ‘unethical,’ my actions are entirely consistent with my responsibility as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court,” he wrote.

Couples were lining up at Alabama court houses Monday. “I want to thank everyone for finally giving us the chance to live our life like everybody else,” Joe Babin, who was waiting to “marry” Clay Jones, told The New York Times.


Editor’s Note: Every judge issuing these certificates is doing so in violation of Alabama law and the Alabama Constitution. Any and every judge who does this should be immediately impeached and removed from the bench by the people of Alabama.