Starbucks CEO calls Rudy Giuliani Comments on Obama’s Love of Country “Offensive”

Last week Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that, in his opinion, President Obama did not love America. As evidence, he reminded everyone of the many times that the President has apologized for our nation, the many times the President has criticized our nation, and the very idea that President Obama believes and even says that our nation NEEDS “fundamental transformation.”

Liberals, of course, freaked out over the Mayor’s comments and the media piled on in an effort to help shame Giuliani (and the GOP) for being willing to speak such things.

Even uber liberal Starbucks founder Howard Schultz got in on the action and attacked Giuliani for saying that the President doesn’t love America.

“As an American, I find Rudy Giuliani’s vicious comments about President Obama ‘not loving America’ to be profoundly offensive to both the President and the Office,” Schutltz said.



Here’s what I don’t get about the liberal outrage over Giuliani’s comments – what’s the big deal? How can Giuliani’s comments possibly hurt the President? How can one man’s opinion be worth all of the feigned anger and vitriol?

I, personally, don’t believe the President loves our country either, but that doesn’t actually affect anything else I believe about him or the Democrat Party. None of my beliefs, ideas or problems with liberal policies would change one bit even if Obama was the most passionate lover of our nation in American history!

Anyway, if liberals get offended this easily… let ‘em. We’ve got bigger things to be offended about – like President Obama destroying our beloved country.