Single Payer Dies Under Weight of Cost

It happened with very little hoopla or fanfare. The single payer system died the death many had predicted it would in Vermont. It is not surprising that the ultra-liberal state had to wake up to the reality that insurance for all has to be paid for by someone. That someone was the citizens and businesses of Vermont.
It should be assumed that this will be a preview of the ultimate plans of the liberals. With the ACA or Obamacare, there is within its framework the laws needed to move the entire country to just such a system. Obama had admitted that was the point of this law, to wedge the people from private to single payer.
Defenders of single payer claim that the system Vermont was seeking to enact was not truly single payer and that this was the reason that it failed. Opponents to the single payer system say that it is the flaw inherent in the system itself that killed it, which is simply that it is too costly. Single payer cannot be paid for without excess taxes on business and individuals.
The taxpayer would not be able to withstand his tax bill, and businesses would have to layoff and or shutdown. This would then bring the Laugher Curb into play. This points to the fact that at some undetermined place in taxing, the burden becomes so great on the people that it actually works to bring in less revenue to the taxer. Making taxation counter productive.
This also brings out the issue our country faces with the rescinding of Obamacare. There are those who think this is the best for the country regardless what it may do to our economy or healthcare. They believe this is the right direction for our government to move, and they will hear nothing else.
How is it possible that people who are pragmatic in every other area of their lives can be so dogmatic on this issue of single payer insurance? That is a simple answer. They want to increase the role of the government to encompass all areas of human life. To these people, big government is the answer no matter the cost.
Andrew McGuire, president of California’s OneCare, spoke openly with Politico. He desires the single payer system at the federal level. McGuire purposes that the problems within the Vermont system will be lessened by the larger funds brought in by the federal government. Yet, he also admitted that people have to come to terms with the start up cost. McGuire said: “People have to ultimately understand that it’s going to cost them less even though their taxes go up,”
What Mr. McGuire either does not know or ignores is the fact that single payer is a system of theft. To take money from the producer and to give to the none producer is stealing. We cannot continue to have the robbers steal from the rich and give to the poor.
We also have to call out such people for their false logic. It is no better that I will save a penny in three years at the cost of ten dollars a month now. The numbers do not add up. Besides this, there is a worse problem. Government in healthcare is like using a sawing to hammer.
Government was not designed to take on these responsibilities. There are only two jobs for which God designed the government. First, they are to provide protection from the evil of invasion and oppression from other countries. Second, they are to repress evil and administer God’s wrath on domestic evil doers through jurisprudence. Paul said that these two things under any law system or ruler was only what God had ordained (Rom. 13:1-7). May God grant us leaders to bring us back to this understanding and away from the all encompassing nanny state.