Shark Tank Investor Takes Down Obamanomics and Explains Real Economics to CNN

The very popular ABC (and CNBC’s) show, Shark Tank, brings budding inventors and entrepreneurs face to face with big money investors like Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary, giving these small time businesses a chance to finally realize their dreams of big money. The show was an instant hit because so many Americans could see themselves in the entrepreneurs, taking risks and going for broke, and we all want to imagine ourselves winning the same success. However, the real power behind the show comes from the investors who were once where the hopeful contestants were – risking everything in hopes they might succeed.

Men like Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary, who have worked hard their whole lives to build a successful and profitable business (or businesses), are the real heart of the American economy. So it made sense when CNN’s Erin Burnett went to him to discuss President Obama’s economic ideas and the idea that the 1% in America aren’t doing their “fair share.”

O’Leary’s patient, measured and logical argument against Obamanomics and for the free market should win new converts to our cause. If they listen with an intellectually honest ear and an open mind, they’d hear truth as opposed to the “emotion” that liberals use when trying to win an economic argument. While the liberal may have good intentions, they do not realize that they are inadvertently paving the road to hell instead of actually helping those in need.


“The reason they’re the 1% is because they created businesses, products and services that were very successful, employed millions of people, paid billions in taxes. All of the wealth in America doesn’t come from government at all. It comes from the backs of people like the 1% that created the businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs.”


Too right.



By the way, Kevin O’Leary built his wealth with his own ingenuity and hard work – it wasn’t handed to him.