How Should We See the Executive Order on Immigration?

Many have complained about President Obama’s executive order on immigration. For many, there was something that needed to be done. There was gridlock on the issue between the President and Congress. No one side would give. Obama wanted amnesty for those living, working and raising families here and the GOP wanted a tighter border.

The executive action did work to move the log jam down the river. We now have families living without the fear that one or more of them will be arrested and deported. They can live their productive lives here and not hide. These people also have a path, before unavailable to them, to citizenship. With all the good things that come from this action, there are, of course, some bad.

There is the most obvious issue, the one of legality. Was what the President did legal? This is very easy to answer: no. Obama did not have the power to sidestep the Legislative branch of our government. Obama, with the stroke of a pen, made illegal, legally passed immigration laws. The idea that one man has that much power, is a bit scary. Especially when we remember that tyranny never shows its face until its in place.

We also have to assume that there will be with this executive order the encouragement of other of enter illegally. They have two administrations in thirty years to look to and see what the American judicial system will do with them. They only have to stay out of trouble and not get caught and eventually they will be allowed to stay.

Then, from a legal or Constitutional standpoint, this move by the President is not only not within his authority, it is dangerous. We must understand that this can be something that is dangerous for future generations as well. We wrongly live in a precedence law system. This sets bad precedence.

We also have to understand that currently there are laws governing the immigration of people to this country. For those of us who are Christians, we have to stand for the enforcement of the laws of this land. This means that those who enter the country illegally have committed a criminal act, and they should face the penalty for that action.

As Christians though, this is not the be all to end all of the discussion. If we are in Christ, we have another side of this issue with which we must contend. Where should we come down on the issue of immigration? What side should we take?

The problem, which the President sought to fix was that nothing was being done. Every immigration bill which came up, conservatives shot down, and neither side would give. For most Evangelical Christians, it seems just natural that we would side with the anti-amnesty crowd. But what does the Bible say? Just like with abortion and Sodomite unions, we have to agree with God. In an effort to move our thinking in this direction, I will post an article tomorrow dealing with what the Bible has to say concerning immigration.

I want to point out two texts that I believe will help us better understand this issue. The first is in the Old Testament book of Ruth. The second is in New Testament book of Matthew. Come back tomorrow to see what we can learn about immigration from God’s word.