Scott Walker Mocks Obama: ‘Guy Who Called ISIS the JV Squad Thinks I’m Bad on Foreign Policy’

A couple of months ago President Obama belittled Governor Scott Walker’s presidential run by attacking his lack of foreign policy experience. In an interview with the liberal news outlet NPR, Obama scolded Walker saying, “I am confident that any president who gets elected will be knowledgeable enough about foreign policy and knowledgeable enough about the traditions and precedents of presidential power that they won’t start calling into question the capacity of the executive branch of the United States to enter into agreements with other countries. If that starts being questioned, that’s going to be a problem for our friends and that’s going to embolden our enemies. It would be a foolish approach to take. And perhaps Mr. Walker, after he has taken some time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same way.”

Governor Walker was in Iowa this past weekend attending the First Annual “Roast and Ride” held by Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), and that’s where ABC News caught up with him. When the topic of foreign policy came up, Governor Walker (R-WI) was ready to pounce with an epic soundbite:

“It’s interesting for the president, the guy who called ISIS the ‘JV squad’ and the Yemen a success story, somehow suggesting someone else should bone up on foreign policy. If I’m even thinking about running for President of the United States, it’s not about preparing for debates, it’s about being prepared to be the President of the United States.”




President Obama is hardly the person to be scolding others on their foreign policy ideas and plans, seeing as how his entire Presidency has been one foreign policy disaster after another. It’s good to see Governor Walker get a bit feisty with the President. This is what every GOP candidate should be doing by the way – reminding the American public about the train wreck that has been the Obama/Clinton foreign policy.