Santa Clause Not Tolerant Enough For Cambridge School

In our mainly irrational culture, it is hard to get most to see the contradiction of humanistic left wing thinking. When you tell people that they are inconsistent with their thinking, they look at you as if you have a third eye growing in the middle of your forehead. But, this should not be the case with what is occurring in Cambridge Mass.

Though it may be hard to believe, but there has been a ban on Santa Clause. I know this is going to seem like a very unimportant issue, but I believe it is one that illustrates a bigger problem in our country. One of vast intolerance and a desire to destroy Christian culture.

I know, I hate the phrase too, but we must begin to turn the phrase on itself so that the left has no real way of using it without indicting themselves. You see, the funniest part of this whole thing is that Cambridge, the home of Harvard University, prides itself in toleration and diversity.

Peabody Elementary annually has a “holiday” program, which includes a wide variety of cultures. Despite the dedication, Santa Clause is deemed, “too religious,” and was held out of the program.

Santa, parents were informed, would be present in a “family program” on the last day before winter break. A program that the parents were able to opt their kids out of, if they so chose. The principal, Jennifer Ford told parents that she would be in the library to play games with the children whose parents did not want them to attend where Santa would be.

I know that’s what I wanted to do when I was in the first grade. While my classmates were singing “Here Comes Santa Clause,” I would be playing games with my principal. That way I could have fun in the library without the fear of coming to Christ or being instructed to be good by a fictional character.

Besides the blatant intolerance displayed as an act of tolerance, this is just plain stupidity. How is Santa a religious figure? In what world is Santa Clause going to make a kid believe that God exists? He is not and in no world. The issue is the fact that there is the link between him and Christmas.

Do not think that this is just a story of liberals being stupid, or overreacting. This event points to the total divorce the secular humanist wants between our current and future cultures and Christianity.

First, pray in schools, then the use of the Ten Commandments in monuments and displays at government building. Add to that the void of any religious motivations from historical figures in our history books. We cannot call breaks in the school year by religious holidays. Remember when it was Christmas vacation and Easter break?

You see, they call those who base their lives and decisions on religious convictions bigots and intolerant, but how is this not intolerance? The father of two of the children thinks that it is and is letting people know.

“I come from a city that celebrates diversity and tolerance, at its base this decision reeks of intolerance.” Robert Thompson told Fox News. Mr. Thompson is correct; it does reek. The reason is that they are seeking to destroy or remake culture, and they are not tolerant to those who do not share their view.

Though I do not think Santa Clause has anything to do with Christ or his incarnation, I do believe that he has been the victim of guilt by association. Know for sure that this points to the fact that these people will not stop until all vestiges of Biblical Christianity is destroyed, real or perceived.