Russia Continues to Violate Treaty, Ukraine Bracing for New Round of Violence

While there is little hope that things will get any better in Eastern Europe anytime soon, there was hope that the ceasefire would have held more than a month. With relations between Russia and the U.S. at an all-time low, there seems little that the world can do but watch the war erupt once again. The signs all point to that happening.

AFP reports

Speaking to a congressional foreign affairs committee, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland also told US lawmakers that Russia was flooding eastern Ukraine with military hardware.

Though this has been an ongoing problem, it has not seemed to have been slowed by the recent ceasefire. The Russians and the Ukrainians had agreed to terms and the fighting stopped. Now it seems that this has given the Russians an opportunity to continue to build up the Separatists. But, unfortunately, there seems to be worse news. Something that we suspected all along.

Reuters reports

“Our sanctions team is in Europe this week,” Nuland said, adding that there had been more than 100 violations of the European-brokered ceasefire agreements.

And AFP further reports

“The Russian military has its own robust command structure in eastern Ukraine … they are funding this war, they are fueling it and commanding and controlling it.”

Nuland did not specify how many Russian troops were in eastern Ukraine.

“I am not in a position to give you a definitive number in this unclassified setting,” she said.

“I would say it’s in the thousands and thousands

There is no doubt that Russia is supplying the rebels not only with equipment but the manpower to operate that equipment. The very reason most in NATO and especially America has been against sending Ukraine lethal defense weapons is because of the time it would take to train Ukrainians properly how to use that equipment. The Russians did not have to worry with that; they just sent soldiers with the equipment.

AFP tells us.

On Tuesday, Western leaders including US President Barack Obama called for a “strong reaction” from the international community to any major violation of a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine as they sought to further pressure Russia over the conflict.

And Reuters says

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressed frustration with what many said was the Obama administration’s “resistance” to providing weapons to Kiev despite increased Russian aggression.

Representative Eliot Engel said he would propose legislation to support Ukraine and that while the United States was providing substantial assistance to Kiev, it was not enough.

“It will offer Ukraine greater assistance on a variety of fronts,” Engel said. “It will dial up the pressure on Vladimir Putin for his reckless, destructive and destabilizing policies.”

All the while, Russia is preparing for war with NATO in the Balkans. This has escalated to a critical situation. We have to ask ourselves a very serious question. How far are we willing to go against Russia? Like Danzig in the 1930’s, are we ready to die for Ukraine?

It is not likely, and Putin knows it.